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The Mondak Humane Society is in great need of reliable, loving foster homes for cats and dogs. Since we do not currently have a shelter, we rely solely on foster providers when we take in animals. Right now, we only have a few foster homes that do this. Could you help out in this regard? Please seriously consider the possibility. Fostering is a very rewarding experience. Foster providers give their time, energy, and resources to help animals in need. They not only provide for the physical needs of the animal, but they also provide emotionally for them with love, nurturing, and training. This often makes the animal more suitable for adoption, and therefore, the adoptions are more successful. What they receive in return is the undying gratitude of the animal they are helping, and the joy of knowing they are making a difference. If you are interested in becoming a foster provider, or would just like to discuss the possibility, please email us or call 701-577-7387

Who We Are

The MonDak Humane Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. At the present time we are functioning specifically as a "Lost and Found" and "Adoption Facilitator"; we do not have a temporary shelter and only a few foster homes to house our animals. If you would like to provide a temporary home for a foster animal please visit our Fostering Animals page on our website

Adopting a friend

The MonDak Humane Society views owning a pet as a privilege - not a right. Unfortunately, not all people can successfully take on the responsibilities of pet ownership. It is for this reason that the MonDak Humane Society has strict adoption policies and strong spay/neuter requirements. Our adoption program strives to place animals only as companion animals in kind and responsible homes where we are confident that they will receive proper care and attention throughout their lifetime. By doing this, we prevent future cruelties and actively control pet overpopulation. Our ultimate goal is to insure that fewer and fewer animals become tragic statistics in the communities that we serve.

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