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ASC is a very small resource.  We will not be able to take in your dog or the dog that you have found.  We have closed our doors in 2015 after 15 years of rescue.  We have no room in foster care for any other dogs regardless of their circumstance.


We have made our website (www.ascpbr.org ) as educational as possible to help meet your needs in ways OTHER than taking in your unwanted pet or found stray. Please use the form link below to send an email through the website if your questions are not answered anywhere else on the website.


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Thank you for your efforts with homeless animals.

Please do not add us to your rescue related mailing lists.

Adopting A Friend

We are closed and no longer have dogs available for adoption.


Dogs that are listed as Annabelle’s are in homes with volunteers and will have begun learning house skills such as housebreaking, crate training, leash skills and basic manners. Some will have basic training.  Foster homes should keep their dogs inside, never outside in pens or the elements.  They should be fully vetted and microchipped.  We use a modified SAFER test to provide initial behavior screening/evaluation for the dogs in our program. If you have questions about our evaluation criteria or would like a demonstration, we are more than happy to accommodate.  We include dogs that score A & B, occasionally C but never D or F. We continually evaluate our dogs throughout their time in foster care.  We strive to place only temperament correct balanced examples of the breed.  Please check Pit Bull Rescue Central for other available pit bulls in your area.



Who We Are

Annabelle's Second Chance is a small private organization. We a few volunteers in Central and Eastern NC as well as VA.  Our rescue opened with a quest to rescue and adopt out a wonderful pit bull named Annabelle in the late 90s who has become our mascot and namesake. Annabelle's Second Chance received its 501(c) 3 June 2005. We have evolved through the years as a community resource. We are no longer as active and only occasionally have dogs for adoption. 

We are not in the position to take in dogs but we can aid shelters and other groups in evaluating and placing their dogs and providing breed education. 


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ASC has a very small volunteer base that shares the ASC philosophy regarding the the American Pit Bull Terrier.  We are not a dog shelter and we are not open to the public. We do not accept stray dogs. 


Please do not add us to your rescue related mailing lists.




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