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We are a small rescue that is volunteer based.  Please give us a few days to respond to you.

Adopting A Friend

So, you want to adopt a new best friend! We feel that our “bullies and smush-faced” cuties are our mission to help.  Southern Pug and Boston Rescue's goal is to match the great dogs we have for adoption with “just the right” furever family.

All of our adoptable and “in waiting” dogs are fostered in private homes by unpaid volunteers. All inquires are also processed by volunteers, so please be patient with us as we may take a few days to get back to you.  


There are a few steps in the process.

1. A completed adoption application is required. Please email us through petfinder or southernpugandbostonrescue@gmail.com to download the application.

2. Our volunteers will call you, your vet and your references.  Please let references know that we are allowed to speak to them about your attributes, family dynamic and ability to care for one of our dogs.  We also may call local shelters or rescue organizations in the area in which you live.

3. A home visit is the next step to adoption. We want to make sure the animal is going to a good home where they will be loved safe and cared for. We will ask all family members to be there and may bring a “sample dog” to interact with you.

3. Finally, the meet and greet! This is where you can meet and spend a little time getting to know the animal of your choice. This will allow you to decide on if the animal you chose will be the right one for your family. Travel may be required as we do not ship dogs.

 *Special note: We are a small rescue that is volunteer based.  Please give us a few days to respond to you.We are a small rescue that is volunteer based.  Please give us a few days to respond to you. outhern Pug and Boston Rescue does not advertise in the newspaper or on Craigslist.

**It is preferred that adopters have a fenced in yard.  We will ask potential owner for plans of letting a dog out a reasonable amount of times during the workday if there is no fenced yard.


We will also call the landlord (for renters) to ensure that a pet is allowed.

Typical adoption fees:

1.   $300-$250 - Healthy purebred and mixed breed dog between the ages of zero (0) years and (7) years.

2.   $225-$150 – Healthy purebred and mixed breed dogs between the ages of  (8) years and older.


3.   $150 –“Special needs” purebred or mixed breed dogs of any age. These dogs will be labeled “special needs” by Southern Pug and Boston Rescue'

Who We Are

We are a small rescue outside of Greenville, SC. We work towards helping dogs from NC, SC, GA and VA shelters. We mostly work with the small breeds such as Pugs and Boston Terriers, ,but also consider English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs  and mixes on a case by case basis.

When a dog is taken in by our group they are taken to the vet for all basic vet care as well as any major health issues are treated before adoption. Their personalities are assessed and place with a family that is a match.  The profile and information from the rescue will help you decide if the personality and medical concerns of any dog will work for your individual living situation.

Interesting in fostering? We are always seeking more foster homes which are the backbone of our rescue. The more foster homes- the more lives that can be saved.  Transporters and other volunteer positions are also needed if you cannot foster at this time but would like to adopt.

Need to surrender a dog?

Please contact us at southernpugandbostonrescue@gmail.com

Please consider finding a safe, indoor setting to keep a dog while we attempt to assist you.  Emergency PH 

  • 864-505-5442


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