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Second Chance Dogs of Ashe is a volunteer grassroot organization. We just received legal non-profit status and awaiting tax exempt status within weeks from now.

Please visit our website at www.secondchancedogsofashe.org to learn more about organization

Adopting A Friend

We are rescuing dogs from a bad situation and want to make certain their second chance in life is a good one. We only adopt to people 21 years or older. All dogs need to be inside companion animals. If we require a fenced in yard for a certain breed this is strictly enforced. We conduct home visits or do vet references on all potential adopters to make sure our foster animals go home with responsible pet owners. If you own animals at the time of application, your current and past pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations, must be spayed/neutered and they must be taken to the vet when they become sick or injured. We might ask for photos of your home and yard. We do not allow adoptions where the animals are allowed to roam free, are kept in a lot or even worse are chained. All adopters have to sign a contract adhering to our expectations and we strictly enfore this.

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to eliminate the need of euthanasia in our county. We pull as many puppies/dogs as possible and place them in loving foster homes. Then the search for the perfect family/fit begins. All animals in our care are vetted and receive lots of TLC- we prepare them for their second chance in life.

Come Visit Us

Please don't hesitate to call us, write us or stop by to visit us. The animals in our care are treated like our own and we would love for you to meet them by appointment.

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