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"Billie" Holiday (female) and Guinness (male) Billie grew up with a Marine and his wife. A soft hearted Marine who taught her she was loved and respected and was the light of his life. Actually, there were two Dobermans in the family, but Billie knew that she was the very top girl Doberman in the family and that girls rule! Of course, that is the way Dobermans prefer it and there has never been any serious disagreement from Guinness, the guy Doberman. Thus began the comradeship between the two Dobermans. They grew in the benevolent atmosphere until, one day, it ended. The family had to go and the dogs could not go with them. Had it not been for DRT, the story might have become sadder still. Fortunately there was space for them in Elijah’s House, and these two comrades came to live there for a while. Billie is ten years old and Guiness is seven and a half. This speaks wonderfully well of the stability of their relationship and the maturity of both Dobermans bonding with humans. They have been seriously loved all their lives and such relationships have built a bridge of trust with humans that is truly amazing to see. They love the company of humans and will demonstrate that love with a willingness to obey an occasional "no" when they are on a piece of furniture that is not "theirs." In other words, they are a perfect addition to a family that is seeking two loving Dobermans that have come a long way together and would be especially blessed if they were allowed to continue to be together when they are separated from their master and await another family to take them in. Both Guinness and Billie have shown that they play well with older children and are always ready for a walk or a romp if someone offers. They are a settled couple that appreciates the family life and will add companionship and happiness when they share your space. Come see them at DRT and take their measure. You will find beautiful Dobermans who are more than ready to find that happy home that is their due. These Doberguys have lived together happily and harmoniously and Carol believes that we should make an honest effort to adopt them out as a pair. Of course, there are fewer people out there who want TWO Dobermans at one time than want one, and there is always the risk that setting a perfect result as a goal may deny each of them a chance at being adopted alone. If there are families who would take them both then (in our opinion) the greatest good is done. Should we have to let them go as singles at a much later date, well, that is no less a good thing. These guys have been described as “soft personalities”. They coexist wonderfully and have had no serious disagreements. They ride well; usually curling up in a tight ball and sleeping quietly along the way. Billie & Guiness are not noisy dogs and enjoy each others company in the exercise fields, though Guiness will bark at other male dogs! Both dogs are good on a leash which will be important for those long daily walks in the park or (better yet) in the woods. They are not afraid of humans and will stand obediently at the vet’s office, submitting to an examination. Guiness will even give a "Doberman grin" upon your arrival. Good things sometimes come in bunches. A bunch (couple, pair, duet, etc) of Dobermans can be especially good because you have two amiable dogs that love to interact with humans but are also happy to interact with each other when humans are not available. Come out and meet Billie & Guiness. Let THEM convince you of their desirability. Remember the old British Maxim, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”


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Who We Are

Our goal is to place unwanted, abandoned Doberman Pinchers in suitable homes. I am not paid for my time and receive only minimal compensation for expenses directly related to veterinary care. I receive animals from various sources, such as people who are moving, people who cannot afford to keep their pets any longer, pets that have been abandoned, kennels going out of business, and from cruelty cases that have been reported to Animal Control. All of the animals are immediately taken to the veterinarian for a comprehensive examination. All animals are tested for heartworms. If they are heartworm negative, they are given their first series of distemper vaccinations and rabies shots. (It is assumed that the animals have never been given shots.) They are treated for any illnesses that they are diagnosed with. If the animals are well, they are spayed or neutered immediately and then placed in foster care so that their temperament can be monitored. The animals are then put up for adoption. If you know of anyone interested in adopting a purebred, altered, vaccinated Doberman Pinscher, please contact me at

Adopting a friend

Potential owners are screened very thoroughly. They are required to give a veterinarian's reference as well as pertinent information as to the dog's living conditions. I then call the veterinarian to confirm that the potential owners have maintained a responsible care program with previous pets. I then visit the new owner's home to determine if adequate space and shelter (no chains or small pens) are available for the dog. Owners must have a fenced area for the dog to exercise in. Unless there are special circumstances, the dog must be a house dog. There is an adoption contract which includes a number of stipulations as to the expected care of future adoptees. A nominal adoption fee is requested to cover those veterinary and boarding expenses for which I am not compensated. You can print out our adoption form or fill it out on line at our

Foster Home Program

We are always in the need for foster homes. Many times we are overwhelmed, and receive more dogs than we have suitable space for. Each foster home that we have greatly increases our ability to help these poor creatures. Initial food and all medical care is provided by Doberman Rescue. The ingredient that you add is LOVE! Won't you sign up today?

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