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Our Adoption Application

How to Adopt one of our Amazing Dogs

If you believe you can offer one of our dogs a great home, please complete our comprehensive Our Adoption Application including your current Veterinarian's contact information.

You have several options in returning your completed adoption application to us.

1. You can fill out the adoption application online. Be sure to rename the completed adoption form and email the form back to us at

2. You can scan your completed adoption application and email it to us at

3.  Fax it to 336-698-4581


Adoption fees start at $250.00 and can go up depending on the medical needs of the dog when they are rescued. We rescue dogs from SC, NC, TN, KY and VA and we also incur transportation costs to bring the dog to safety which can increase an adoption fee. Our adoption fees go toward covering the cost to spay or neuter the Jack Russell as well as to microchip, provide all vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella), heart worm tests and other necessary pet care, such as food and shelter, prior to adoption.

We are committed to spaying and neutering each dog that enters our rescue. Under no circumstances, will we allow any dog that has not been spayed or neutered, to be adopted. There are too many unwanted pets in the world and many of these beautiful animals are euthanized daily because they were born to an unwanted home.

We need Volunteers!

Finding Great Homes for Jack Russell Rescue, located in Greensboro, NC is one of the busiest Jack Russell rescue organizations in NC. Since July 2009, we have rescued and placed over 2,100 Jack Russell Terriers into great homes across the state of NC. If you love dogs and you want to make a difference in the community where you work and live, we can use your help!

There are many ways to volunteer your time.

Dog Walkers wanted between hours of 10 am and 6 pm

Transportation We need people who can drive dogs to vet appointments and who can pick up dogs at shelters and transport them to our rescue.

Sanitation We need people who are willing to help us clean kennels, pick up dog waste and pressure wash our decks and patios.

Foster homes There are times when we need people who can foster dogs so we don’t have to turn dogs in need away. We receive over 100 requests to rescue dogs a week and we hate to say no and have a great dog put to sleep because we don't have the room. If you are willing to foster a Jack Russell, we will lend you a crate, give you dog food and train you about the Jack Russell breed.

We welcome volunteers of every age - our only requirement is that you must love dogs. This is a great opportunity to volunteer for families, Scout Troops, College Students, Fraternities and Sororities, Retired People or People who want to meet your neighbors and the other great people in our community. For more information, contact Robin Manley at 336-414-1373 or For more information, please visit our website at

Please do your homework!

Please keep in mind that when you rescue a dog, things like housetraining take some time and you need to set up a regular routine to teach your dog what you expect. It's not difficult to train our smart Jack Russell Terriers - they learn quickly. We have helped the many families who have adopted our dogs to train their newly adopted pets to be a welcome and cherished part of the family. And we will do our best to help you too!

Experienced and wise Dog Trainers share this advice on the proper way to housetrain a dog. When your dog has an accident in your home, you should roll up a newspaper and hit YOURSELF in the head with it - never your dog. I's not your dog's fault when he has an accident, it is your fault because you haven't been paying attention!

Your dog is smart and they live to make you happy, not angry. Your dog needs routine feeding, ample exercise time and access to the outdoors on a regular basis.

Please take the time to learn all you can about the breed of dog prior to adopting. We can't stress enough the importance of making an informed decision about the dog breed before you adopt.

We encourage you to involve everyone in your household with the long term commitment you make when you bring a pet into your home.

Finding Great Homes Rescue Return Policy

If you adopt a dog from our rescue, rest assured that we will be here for you.

If you adopt one of our dogs and for reasons out of your control, your newly adopted dog is not working out at your home, we ask that you contact us immediately so that we may take your dog back into our rescue. We do not want any of our dogs to be brought to a shelter, to be mistreated or to be abandoned. We will always take back an adopted dog in the event that the dog you adopt from us does not work out in your home. Always. We do our best to insure that each adoption is the best possible match for the family who opens their home to them. We have a no questions asked return policy. Because we are a rescue organization and all of our funds go towards food, shelter and vet costs, we are not in a position to refund adoption fees. We do want you to be happy and we will do our best to find you a dog that is a better fit for your home.

First time Pet Owners

In the event that you are going to be a first time pet owner, or if you are new to the Greensboro area, we highly recommend Dr. Julie Packard of Bel-Aire Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fidele Byungura and Dr. Kim Sheets of Sheets Pet Clinic, along with Dr. David Crouch of Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery of Arden, NC. From our own personal experience over the years with each of these vets, we find them to be knowlegable about the many issues that can occur to an animal and we trust each of them with keeping our dogs in excellent health. Dr. Packard can be reached by phone at 336-665-1286, Drs Byungura and Dr. Sheets can be reached by phone at (336) 852-8488 and Dr. Crouch at 828-684-0019

A Dog Store We LOVE!

The Nosey Dog, online webstore with $5 shipping for orders over $50! Check out the amazing dog products these two talented gals from Flower Mound Texas have hand selected and tested out on their own beloved dogs! The Nosey Dog is like Nordstrom's for Dogs without the over-inflated prices. Their new dinosaur chew toys are indestructible - they have been tested by the jacks in our rescue (all 11 of them) and they have been a bit hit! The toys are well made, great sturdy materials and most importantly, they entertained our jack russells for hours. The jacks in our rescue can't wait to see what great new products you will find in your quest to make affordable, high quality and unique dog toys, gear and equipment for the animals in our lives. Our Jack Russell's salute you!

Giving Bark

We always welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. There's much to do when you rescue Jack Russells - from foster, transport, dog walking and internet tasks-if you have an interest in giving bark, we can use your help! Email us -

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