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Our Featured Pet...

Our Featured CATS are INKY and PRINCESS! They are both half-Siamese/domestic short-hair mixes and very lovable. Inky likes to "talk," too. Assistance is available for qualified adopters for an exam and age-appropriate vaccinations if needed. Their rescuer is not able to keep them much longer. Won't you please ask about them. Either -- or BOTH -- could be your next best companion!

The "Season for Giving" is Every Day

During these difficult financial times, if you can't adopt an animal, consider sponsoring an animal you know needs your help. Ask around: someone always knows of animals in need oftentimes in your own community. Your contribution could be a one-time thing such as helping to get vaccinations up to date or a vet visit for an illness or injury or spaying/neutering. Ongoing support could be in the form of quality food, flea or heart worm preventives, or simply helping to care for the pet (for dogs, things like bathing, exercising, and playtime). The Season for Giving is not only during Christmas. There are many ways to help animals and many animals that need your help.

If you have a great story to tell about how you helped an animal in need, please email us your story along with a picture of the animal. We love happy "tails" and you could be featured on our Website ( as a true Advocate for Animals.

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit Coalition of many people working together as one to protect the lives, rights, and welfare of cats (including feral cats), dogs, and other domesticated animals in Brunswick County, NC. We believe in: (a) responsible pet ownership; (b) spaying and neutering; (c) rescuing animals in need; (d) humane euthanasia when the time comes; (e) TNR (trap-neuter-return) for all feral cats; (f) full prosecution for people who are intentionally cruel to animals; and (g) embracing the "No-Kill" Revolution in America. Read more about us at

Adopting a Life-Long Friend

We know each of our Adoptable Animals personally and want them to live the rest of their lives in a loving, secure FOREVER home. Our adoption process helps make sure the chosen pet is the right fit for both the pet and the "parent" which will help ensure they both grow old together! Our Adoption Fees are the same for cats and dogs. Why? To us, we value all animals equally regardless of breed or size. A cat is just as important as a dog; a ferret as important as a parrot. Our fees are reasonable so our rescued pets find their true match as quickly as possible. Our fees are: 6 mos and under=$45; Over 6 mos=$30. All adoption fees go directly into our adoption program so we may help other pets find great homes!

An Adoption Contract is required which also includes a veterinary reference. We may also request a home visit under special circumstances.

Adopters usually visit and pick up pets at the foster's home or other prearranged location. Also, we generally do not transport animals unless there are special circumstances and suitable carriage can be arranged. There may be a fee involved depending on the distance. Thank you for visiting us and using Petfinder!

Come Visit Us!

We do not currently have a physical shelter. All our pets live with responsible Foster Parents in real-life, loving homes which helps make the transition to YOUR home much easier! If you see a pet you're interested in, we'll be glad to tell you more and/or arrange a visit at your convenience.

Coalition for Humane Treatment of Animals
Shallotte, NC 28470
Phone: 910.253.0909
August 24, 2013

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