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Adoption Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to help determine if the proposed adoption is in the best interest of both the kitten/cat and your family. The adoption includes, but is not limited to, the signing of this document, a legal, binding contract.

The ultimate purpose of this application is to find the best possible homes for the kitten/cat. The kitten/cat will be completely dependent on you for his/her health, happiness and love. The contract is our written agreement of the terms and conditions under which the kitten/cat is given into your care.

Please be patient with our inquisitiveness and concern for the kitten/cat's well being. We wish only the very best for you and the kitten/cat.

All questions must be answered as completely and honestly as possible.

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of any kitten/cat.

Your Name: ___________________

Address: __________________

City/State: _______________

Phone: (Home) _____ (Work) __________ (Cell) ________

Primary Email Address: ___________

Secondary Email Address: _____________

Occupation: ________________ Approx Age of Adults _______________

Who is your veterinarian and his/her phone number? ________

 Why would like to adopt our kitten/cat: _______________________________



The Cats potential home.

  1. Is this cat only for your household? Yes _____ No _____
  2. Your household: Number of adults :_____ # of children: _____             
  3.                & children’s ages ______
  4. Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?
  5.               Yes _____ No _____ Animal?_____
  6. Does all in the household agree to have a new cat?
  7.                Yes _____ No _____
  8. About how many hours will cat be alone each day? ____ and per week?___
  9. What type of home do you have? house\apt\other?
  10. Do you own or rent? ___ If you rent, are cats permitted in the rental  unit?
  11. Yes _____ No _____
  12. Is your home a permanent or temporary residence? _____
  13. Do you plan on a move within the next few years? Yes _____ No _____

    If you do move, what will you do with your new kitten/cat? ________

  14. Other Pets & Previous Pets

  15. Is this your first pet? Yes _____ No _____
  16. Is this your first cat? Yes _____ No _____
  17. If you have other pets now, what kind are they, how many, and their ages? _________________

    Are they current on vaccinations? Yes _____ No _____ N/A_______

    Are they spayed or neutered? Yes _____ No _____ N/A ______

  18. If you have no pet(s) now, have you had any pets in the last two years?

    Yes _____ No _____ Where are they now? ______________________

  19. Have you ever adopted a pet from an organization  Yes _____ No _____

    If so, which one? ___________ 

    Where is the pet now? _________________

  20. Have you ever given or had to give up a pet for any reason to an organization or individual? Yes _____ No ____

    If yes, When and Why? _______________________

  21. Have you thought about the initial and future cost, and care of your new cat ?
  22. Yes ____ No ____
  23. Do you have the time and interest necessary for training of the cat, if needed? Yes _____ No _____
  24. Your new kitten/cat can take two months or more to adjust to its new home. Are you willing to allow it this much time to adjust? Yes _____ No _____ If not, why?_________
  25. Are you able to isolate the new kitten/cat for 4-7 days for he/she to get to know you & your home? ____
  26. Would you object to follow-up calls and/or visits to check on your new kitten/cat's progress? Yes ____ No ____ If yes, why? ________________________________
  27. Should your new cat have behavior problems, are you willing to work them out, or call me for help? Yes _____ No _____
  28. What will you do, if your new kitten/cat does not get along with present/future pet(s)?_______________________________________________________
  29. _______________________________________________________
  30. Will your new kitten/cat be kept inside/outside or both _________
  31. The Kittys Health:


    Most rescued cats have unknown medical backgrounds. For this reason:

  32. Do you agree to take your new kitten/cat to a licensed veterinarian for a complete veterinary exam within 5 days after the adoption and to follow-up on all inoculations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian?

    Yes _____ No _____

    Once the 5 day exam has been completed, if your new kitten/cat becomes sick, you have the options to have kitten/cat treated at your own expense by a licensed veterinarian or return kitten/cat to me.

  33. Do you agree to have your new kitten/cat spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian on or before a specific date? Yes _____ No _____  N/A ____

    Do you agree to NOT have the cat de-clawed? _______ please int._____



Do you agree that if, for any reason, I ask you to relinquish custody of your new kitten/cat, you will do so, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing?

Yes _____ No _____ Initials _____

I understand there is an adoption fee for each of our rescue cats/kittens.   I will be told the adoption fee prior .

I certify that the above information is true and that false information may result in nullifying this adoption.

Applicant's Signature: _______________ Date: ________

Please fill out completely, and email to: Sandy Chamberlain schamber@roadrunner.com


Who We Are

We are a none profit organization designed to help nurture and

protect the feline species. We focus on trying to match the right cat with the right family or person.

We are located in Statesville, North Carolina.  About 30 minutes

north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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