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Sierra is the ideal cat for a true cat lover who will embrace her independent attitude. She is a special kitty that deserves a permanent home where she can be herself. While she and my dog have learned to coincide peacefully she would benefit from a home with no other pets or with mature pets that would be willing to give her space. Overall she is calm and extremely polite, no curtain climbing or kitten mischief here! She is a well-behaved cat and will really surprise you at times with her affection and vocals. Typically she spends her time lying on the back of our sofa observing and cat-napping. She would be a great companion for someone who wants a kitty that will always want to be near you visiting. She likes sitting in your lap and having her neck and ears rubbed, and once she bonds to you she is extremely loyal and a constant companion. I would not recommend Sierra for a home that has small children who might not understand when she needs some space (like the rest of us!) So if you believe you have this kind of home then you may be the perfect adopter for Sierra! Estimated DOB 06/15/2008.

Who We Are

2 Paws Up started in early 2007 as a small group helping to transport animals from the Harnett County Shelter to people who wanted to adopt but could not make it there themselves.

Since then, we have expanded our services to a full adoption agency. We vaccinate animals upon their arrival and get them any necessary health care, including spaying and neutering.

Any animal in our group will be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption. We cannot help the problem if animals keep mating!

We are a North Carolina Non-profit organization, and 501(c)3

Why We Are Different

As a future pet owner, you are probably looking for an adoption agency that is right for you. Each rescue group should have something that appeals to different groups of people, so everyone can find their future pet. This is why we think we are different:
• Our adoption fees vary between animals. We do not charge you for something we didn’t do. For example, if a dog came into the shelter already neutered, the cost of that neuter will NOT be included in his adoption fee.
• Our main focus is shelter pets. Most rescue groups focus on stray animals before they end up in the shelter. We try to help as many animals that are in imminent danger of being put down. We do accept animals from elsewhere as well, but high-kill shelters are our main focus.

CATS: $115 or a pair for $180
CATS, altered prior to entering the program: $90

DOGS: $135
DOGS altered prior to entering the program: $90

Adopting a friend

Please go to www.2pawsup.org to fill out an application today!
2 Paws Up
PO Box 37790
Raleigh, NC 27627

Fax: 1-267-790-3293

Email: adoptions2pawsup@gmail.com
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