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Clumbers in Need recently completed our 2014 rescue calendars that feature clumbers rescued or friends and family of those Clumbers 

The calendars and other gifts can be viewed and purchased by going to:






If you would like to help but can't adopt a Clumber, Clumbers in Need has created a wish list on Amazon.com of things needed. You order the item(s) you want to donate on line and they ship them directly to Clumbers in Need. It's easy and hassle free and the items are much appreciated. 

Another easy, no hassle way to help is by setting up an account on igive.com, do your shopping and a percentage of what you spend is donated to Clumbers in Need. It is free and helps Clumbers in Need. 

All proceeds will go to Clumbers in Need.


Who We Are

Clumbers in Need is a private clumber spaniel rescue and our Mission is to rescue adult Clumbers from puppy mills, auctions, and uncaring backyard breeders that have put our Clumbers in harms way. Clumbers in Need will purchase Clumbers if it is deemed the only way to get the Clumbers out of an unsafe situation. We give them an opportunity to live in a healthier and happier environment where they are loved and cared for as family members. We feel that every Clumber deserves a quality life.

Our intent is to focus solely on what is best for the dog and be the voice for our Clumber angels that are not able to speak for themselves.

To learn more about Clumbers in Need and read all about the Clumbers we've rescued, please visit our website at:



Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting a clumber from Clumbers in Need, please email me at clumbersinneed@yahoo.com so that I can send you my adoption criteria. After reading it if you are interested in adopting a clumber, please contact me and I will send you an application to fill out.

It is our goal to find the perfect home for each Clumber and to date we have been 100% successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Come Visit Us!

If you think you are interested in adopting a Clumber Spaniel but have never met one, I strongly suggest you meet one in person before proceeding with the adoption process. If you would like to meet a Clumber Spaniel, we hold adoption events at the Petsupermarket at 244 Tunnel Road, Asheville NC every third Saturday of each month. Please contact me at (828) 230-2499 to confirm that Clumbers in Need will be there and if so, at what time.

If distance prevents you from meeting one of mine, I will gladly put you in touch with another Clumber owner!

Clumbers in Need
19 Trantham Creek Road
Fairview, NC 28730
Phone: (828) 230-2499
Email: clumbersinneed@yahoo.com