Please see our website at for our fundraising and event calendar, local animal resources, and more. If you'd like to see a specific pet, call (828) 505-3440 or email to determine whether they are at our shelter or in a foster home. Our 10,000 sq. foot facility at 31 Glendale Avenue, Asheville NC, 28803 is open daily. We also offer grooming and pet supplies at our ReTail Store, located just across the street at 38 Glendale Avenue.

Who We Are

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue works to protect and enhance the lives of animals by promoting a respect and love for all life. As the largest No Kill Shelter and Rescue in Western North Carolina, we offer a safe haven for animals in transition while assisting the community through numerous grassroots outreach programs. We treat every animal as an individual with the right to respect, love, and above all, life.

What We Do

At Brother Wolf, we rescue cats and dogs from local shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. By taking these animals into our foster homes and Adoption Center, we are able to provide them with a loving, nurturing environment where we can learn a lot about a particular dog or cat. We get a good feel for what an ideal family would be for a particular animal because we spend so much time with them. In addition to all the emotional care we provide, all of our dogs and cats are treated for pre-existing medical conditions, such as heartworm disease, diabetes, or severe injuries (just to name a few), and are spayed/neutered when medically cleared.

Our "Puppy Transport Program"

In some areas of the northeast, spay and neuter rates are much higher than they are here. To obtain a puppy in New York, for instance, there are very few choices except to purchase from a pet store (which often support inhumane puppy mills) or a breeder. To fill this need, BWAR has partnered with shelters in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts to transport dogs and puppies from the south to rescues up north. This is a win/win situation for everyone. Not only does it save the lives of puppies who stand an 80% chance of dying in a shelter here, but they are quickly adopted by people in the northeast who are anxious for dogs, but want a rescued pet.

How You Can Help

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue evolved as an organization to help abandoned and homeless animals find their forever, loving homes. We work with shelters by taking in cats and dogs who's "time is up" --- who are on the list to be killed. Oftentimes, this means scrambling to find the space to "squeeze in" one more dog or cat! We also work with the public who have dogs and cats they are no longer able to keep, or find a stray they want to help. Through a series of foster homes, the animals are sheltered and cared for until we can find them forever homes.

We struggle on a daily basis to pay for vet care, food, heartworm and flea medication, vaccinations, and toys. We hold a variety of fundraising activities to assist with paying for these necessities. If you are able to volunteer or help us with any of these needs, please email us at or write to us at P.O. Box 8195, Asheville, NC 28814.

To make a donation to help the animals of Western North Carolina, please use the safe, secure Paypal link below, or mail to the address above!