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Available for Adoption: * "ButterCup",Pit/Lab Mix female * "Little Boy",Purebred Black Minature male Poodle,1 Year Old,7 Ibs * Kittens,10 weeks old,3 Tabby & 2 Black

Who We Are

NC Animal Rescue is a small, all volunteer group of familes who take in rescue animals in the Triad and foster them until we can place them into good adoptive homes. We primarily take in needy animals who are rescued in NC counties that don't have animal rescue organizations, or those who are not able to be placed due to the overwhelming need for foster homes that so often far exceeds the number available. We receive no funding of any sort, and welcome donations.We are also asking that you as a animal lover, spread the word about this site with any many friends as possible. If the word gets out to enough people, our hope is that someone will consider adopting a rescue animal and giving these special furbabies a forever home. If you read this far, you may be wondering why, if these animals are so wonderful, why don't the foster families just keep them. There's a simple answer to this: as much as we fall in love with each animal we foster, we know that each animal we place into a good home will make space for another who needs us even more. Please help spread the word about us by visiting our Spread The Word page. All of these special animals deserve a second chance. Their lives started out so badly - you can give them a new beginning and a happy ending! >ADOPTION PROCESS< adoption contract and informatiion form is required to be filled out in order to adopt a animal. < ENVIRONMENT>Caring and loving.In our residence..socialized with daily,we are a no kill rescue!!! Out of pocket.We soley rely on your donations to continue helping rescues in need. To see animals who are currently available for adoption that may not be listed on our official website, as well as our success stories,visit our facebook page:!/pages/ Kaybee-Itzel/141312982570076?ref=mf If you want to make a donation directly from the site, please visit our donation page. If you aren't able to make a financial donation at this time, we can always use the following items: -dog and cat food -cat litter -newspapers -flea/tick/heartworm medication -wood chips/hay -dog and cat toys -crates/carriers/dog lots -old towels or blankets -volunteers to help with fostering, socializing, caring for, and transporting animals. We are animal lovers who do the best we can to find forever homes for our furbabies, and hope that you will support us in our efforts. We can all make a difference, one animal at a time! Not all animals are spayed/neutered before going to their new homes due to us having limited funds.We do not kill any animals! They are kept until adopted to good homes. We are a small, independent, all volunteer group of families who take in rescue animals and foster them until we can place them into good adoptive homes. We primarily take in needy animals who are rescued in NC counties that don't have animal rescue organizations, or those who are not able to be placed due to the overwhelming need for foster homes and the limited number available. When we take in an animal, we make sure that they get the medical attention they need, including shots and worming. We believe that ALL animals should be spayed/neutered, and make every effort to alter our fosters before they go to their new homes, but due to limited funds, are not always able to do so. We evaluate each animal's temperament, interactions with other animals and people, and special needs before placing them with adoptive families. We carefully screen all adoptive families, requiring that they meet the animals, sign an adoption contract (including a spay/neuter clause if needed), and pay a small adoption fee. We receive no funding, except for these nominal fees, so we absorb the majority of the cost of fostering. If, for whatever reason, the adoption doesn't work out, we will take the pet back, and try to find another who is a better “fit” for the adoptive family. We are a no kill facility. We keep animals in our homes until we find the right adoptive family. Some stay with us for days, some for years. Some are harder to place than others, but we never give up on any of them. We believe that somewhere, there is a forever home for every animal, and we do everything we can to find them. The number of animals we can take at any given time is small, but each one who is adopted creates a space for another animal who needs us more.

Adopting a friend

adopting a friend is easy ; we have a adoption finformation form & adoption contract to fill out and sign,then pay your adoption fee.we will call your references and check on these animals well being as often as we can once they are adopted to you.we do require that you keep us posted as well on how things are going with you and your new 4 legged friend.we also encourage you to email us pictures and bring them by to see us from time to time.we are ALWAYS happy to hear back from you.

Contact Us!

If you or someone you know is interested in giving one of our rescue animals a forever home, please contact: (Anne) (Sabrina) (Lisa) If you have an animal who needs to fostered or adopted, especially in the Triad area, let us know and we will try to help if we can. Even if we don't have room at the time, we will post a picture and bio on our site and do everything possible to find a home for them. Financial donations are always welcome, and all the money goes toward the cost of feeding and medical care of our animals.
North Carolina Animal Rescue

Belews Creek, NC 27009
Phone: 336-745-6107(Cell-leave msg)

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