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Pet of the Month

Our pet of the month introduces herself. Mei-Mei is our first listing on Petfinder, and you may see her by clicking on the pets available link.


August 2000 is our debut on Petfinder. If you would like to apply for one of our kids, please fill out the adoption application at:

Who We Are

North Carolina Shih Tzu Rescue is a small, totally self-supported group of independent Shih Tzu rescuers working through foster homes and referrals. Although all Shih Tzu (and all animals, for that matter) are of concern to us, puppy mill kids are our priority.

Adopting a friend

An application, home visit with interview, personal references, vet references and a comprehensive, legally enforceable adoption contract are required. Excessive? Maybe by some standards, but we think they're worth it, and we really want their second chances to work so that they don't have to be uprooted again. We never say never, but as a rule adoptive homes should be within a two-hour driving distance of Charlotte, NC. Adoption fees may vary, but are generally $150 for adult dogs.

When we rescue a dog, we make a lifetime committment to him or her, and we will remain in contact with you and always be available for advice. You will be required to remain in contact with us throughout the lifetime of the dog and surrender him/her to us if at any time you cannot keep the dog -- even if it's 15 years from now. If you have never known a Shih Tzu before, you should know that they are a relatively high-maintenance breed, and for someone who wants to make the committment, we will share everything we know about their love, care and maintenance with you. They're worth every minute of it.

We are not looking for homes where they'll be just dogs, even well-treated dogs. We're looking for homes where they will be true members of the family and be treated like the royalty they are!

Come Visit Us!

We operate out of foster homes, so there is no central location, but if you would like to visit home base or see any of our animal companions, just e-mail Directions from XX east or west:

Charlotte, North Carolina

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