Safe Harbor Farm K-9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

Our goal is your goal: to help you find the dog of your dreams.

HINT: Doing a little research first helps greatly! We recommend these five steps:

STEP 1: Get yourself a copy of SMILE! and other practical life lessons your dogs can teach you (while you are training them) by Lynne Swanson, DVM. This inexpensive book has an excellent chapter on choosing the right dog for you. It will also teach you tons of practical stuff, such as:
  • how to set your new dog up for success, rather than failure, from the moment you get home;
  • how to read a dog's body language, energy and state of mind;
  • how to get (and keep) his attention in a calm, quiet manner;
  • how to respond to misbehaviors so they won't recur, and
  • how to guide your dog moment-to-moment to the behaviors you want.
  • Visit to read the first two chapters plus Table of Contents and to place your order. The book can also be ordered on Amazon.

    STEP 2: Thoroughly read each dog's description, to learn more about him.

    STEP 3: Visit to get most, if not all of your questions answered.

    STEP 4 Fill out an adoption application on the same site.

    STEP 5: If you have unanswered questions, one of our volunteers will be happy to call you back if you leave a message at 252 422-6770

    Our Adoptable Pet List

    Adopting a friend from Safe Harbor Farm

    If you are ready to commit to a long-term relationship with a four-legged buddy and interested in being an active participant in making the relationship work (even before you pick your new partner!), our volunteers are equally interested in helping you find the perfect match. As soon as we get your application, we'll call your veterinary references. If you get an enthusiastic "thumbs up" from your vet, we'll then call you to answer any questions you might have and invite you to Safe Harbor, where you'll have plenty of time to meet the dogs and enjoy a walk in the woods before making the important decision of adding to your family (most people stay at least 2 hours).

    About Safe Harbor Farm's K9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

    Eleven years young, SHF is located between Jacksonville and New Bern, NC. We have 10 hard-working volunteers, 61-acres and roughly 50 animals onsite. In order for us to dedicate more time to the animals, we do not have public hours. You are most welcome, however, to tour our facility online at!
    Safe Harbor Farm K-9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
    P.O. Box 493
    Maysville, NC 28555
    Phone: 252-422-6770

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