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Please visit our rescue’s website: http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org ,to see our Adoptable pugs!!  Don’t forget to look at or Success Stories while you are at it!!


Adopting A Friend


If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful pugs; you will find out information about Rescue Pugs, Our Adoption Process, and our Adoption Application at: http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org/blog/

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Our Adoptions Fees Are: 

  • Dogs age 0-12 months – $400
  • Dogs age 1-2 yrs – $350
  • Dogs age 3-6 yrs – $300
  • Dogs age 7-10 yrs – $250
  • Dogs over 10 yrs – $100

MAPR has no paid employees, only hard working volunteers; and all adoption fees go into the cost of caring for the pug you are adopting, and if anything is left over it goes into caring for another rescue pug.  Younger dogs generally need more veterinary care, due to the likelihood that they have receive little to no prior vet care.


Barring any special veterinary requirements, all MAPR pugs receive: basic health exam with a veterinarian; a spay/neuter; testing and treatment/preventive care for parasites (Intestinal Parasites, Heartworms, flea/tick); vaccinations (rabies, distemper); and an AVID Microchip (provided by MAPR). Pugs who are ill and need more veterinary care receive this care no matter what the cost to the rescue.  Often sick pugs receive more care than their adoption fee will ever bring in; and this extra expense, is what left over portions of adoption fees and donations from the generous public go towards covering.  We do NOT have any paid employees, just hard working volunteers!


If you are approved for adopting a pug: It is ultimately your responsibility to travel to pick up your adopted dog. We may or may not be able to arrange for transport assistance, depending on our available resources. Keep in mind that we do not ship dogs.


For more information Visit: http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org


Who We Are


 Founded in 2002, Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (MAPR) is a all-volunteer non-profit 501 (c)3 non-profit organization (EIN30-0217237), dedicated to providing for the short and long-term needs of abandoned and surrendered pugs. In support of our mission to "let no pug go unloved", MAPR gives rescued pugs veterinary care, a nurturing foster environment, and permanent placement into a loving home. MAPR also provides public education on the responsibilities of pug ownership and the need for domestic animal population control. MAPR rescues and places over 400 pugs a year throughout Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, West Virginia North and South Caroling and Tennessee. MAPR does not refuse any pug needing our assistance regardless of behavioral or medical issues. We receive needy and abandoned pugs from owners, shelters, animal control facilities, veterinary offices, puppy mills, other rescues and from individuals who have found a stray pug or pug mix. MAPR's goals are to: 1) provide all necessary medical care and behavioral training to allow each rescued dog to enjoy the highest quality of life possible and; 2) to unite each rescued dog with a carefully-selected home that best meets his/her needs. When appropriate, MAPR provides behavioral consultations to families considering surrendering their pug in order to help them implement changes that will allow them to keep and properly care for their pet. We don't operate a kennel facility. All of our rescued pugs are cared for in the private homes of our trusted volunteers. We have a network of over 200 carefully-selected and trained volunteers who assist with transport and foster care for our pugs. Our foster homes undergo the same rigorous screening requirements as our adoptive homes.


Visit our website: http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org


Come Visit Us


We don't operate a kennel facility. All of our rescued pugs are cared for in private homes of our trusted volunteers who reside through the mid-Atlantic region. Consequently, no visitation are available. However, if you want to meet your pug prior to adoption, it will be your responsibility to travel where the pug is being fostered.


For more information visit:  http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org


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