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Hi there! I'm a laid back female who just raised seven active puppies. I'm a great momma dog but will be spayed in late August before I can go to my forever home. My name is Misty and I am a BlueTick Coonhound and Australian Shepherd mix who weighs in at around 50 pounds of cute! I am approximately 1 1/2 years old and once I warm up to you, simply LOVE attention. I am easily trainable as I LOVE food -- all kinds of food -- the more the better! I need a home who understands that at first I need to learn to trust you, but once I do, I'll be your velcro girl for life! I am easy to handle once I overcome my initial shyness and everyone at both the groomer and the vet just loves me! I LOVE that attention as well as all the TREATS! Please help me find a wonderful forever home where I can be your loving velcro dog. I am good with other dogs and kids so no problems there! Please help this lovebug find a new loving home of her very own!

Who We Are

"About our dog rescue efforts" NC Aussie is "Please Help Aussies" Dog Rescue organization. We are a local North Carolina organization dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of dogs in need, particularily the Australian Shepherd although occasionally we do take other breeds. All of our Reps and Foster homes are volunteers. Our only "payment" is the joy that comes when a homeless dog is placed in a loving, caring, permanent home. NC Aussie is non-profit animal rescue organization.

Adopting a Friend

Important Info about Adopting Rescue Dogs: * The rescue adoption application is extensive, asking you to explain why you want an particular breed of dog, and what type of home you can provide to a rescue dog. The rescue program can deny an application if it does not meet the criteria for a potential adoptive home * After the applicant is APPROVED as an adoptive home, we can discuss the dogs that might be a good "match" for them in the rescue program (based on the applicant responses, the dogs we have available and any children and/or animals in the home). We can refuse the adoption of a particular dog if we believe the dog is not "right" for this home. We do our best to keep the listings current, but occasionally, an adopted dog might remain listed for a few days (until the next scheduled update).

Volunteering and Donations

Donations: Money can be donated to the Rescue Dog General Fund, or even designated for a specific purpose, such as Aussies only, or Vet bills, Spay or Neuter, food, etc. Reps incur many expenses for which they are not reimbursed; telephone, feeding the rescue dogs, gasoline costs incurred while picking up dogs. If you decide that you'd like your donation used in your community, contact the Rescue Group in your area. If there is no one in your area, contact your local shelter, and ask if you can sponsor any dogs of whatever breed you choose (such as Aussies) that go through the shelter. There are also All-Breed Rescue Groups that will gladly provide the time and effort to rescue a particular breed (such as Aussies) or particular dog, if you, and others, provide the monetary support. Apply to become a foster home: Foster homes provide temporary shelter for the dog. The perfect foster home would be someone who could work on behavioral problems, is willing to housebreak, obedience train, socialize the rescue dog in their care. It should be someone who has no time limits on fostering, and doesn't become hysterical at the first sign of a health problem. In other words, someone with a LOT of dog experience, and a little common sense would be perfect. A good foster home is worth it's weight in gold to rescue, they take a dog in live withit, evaluate him/her and help to place the rescue into the right home. Medical Service and Supplies: If you're a Vet, donate a Spay, Neuter or Heartworm treatment. If you're not, you can sponsor a dog, and donate the cost of one of these procedures. You can also volunteer to give shots for those Reps who can't. Vaccines are not very expensive to purchase, but the costs add up over time, combined with the cost of the office visit to the Veterinarian. Transportation: People are always needed to transport dogs between shelters and foster homes, once a dog has met the criteria for acceptance into the rescue program. Reps sometimes have to drive a great distances to get to an dog in need, so having someone bring a dog to a Rep is wonderful. You can also offer to accompany a Rep to pick up, deliver or evaluate a dog. If you're interested in any of these ways to help NC Australian Shepherd Rescue, send an Email: with your offer.

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Sorry, but we do not have a shelter. All of our available dogs are in NC volunteer foster homes (not mine).
NC Aussie Rescue
C/O Laura Kelley
7133 Beaman Court
Wendell, NC 27591
Phone: (919) 272-1309
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