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Are you missing your pet? Please contact Greenville Animal Control or contact the Pitt County Animal Shelter. Please call immediately as stray animals are held only for a short time required by law.


Greenville Animal Control welcomes you to our home page!!. We have alot of very exciting news to tell the Citizens of Greenville. Fist we are sponsoring the ''Smile to a Child Campaign'' Where we give away small stuff animals to small children involved in dog bites. We hope that by doing this, helps the child calm down and relieve some of the fears they have after such a traumatic event. Greenville Animal Control is taking invitations to come to area schools to talk to children and young adults about dog bite prevention. Greenville Animal Control is a proactive organization, dedicated to serving the citizens of Greenville in a very professional way. Please call for more information if you would like for one of our Animal Control Officers come and talk to your neighborhood organization or school.

Greenville Animal Control operates under the Greenville Police Department. Our unit is based under the Neighborhood Services division within the Police Department,commanded by Carl Rees. (Neighborhood Services Director). Greenville Animal Control is one of the most professional unit's in the Eastern part of the State of North Carolina. We have already been recognized by key members in the Animal Control Field as a top notch unit. Our duties include, but not limited too... Enforcing the City of Greenville's 24 hour leash Law. Animal Cruelty Investigations. Dog Bite/ Animal Attack Investigations. Vicious Dog Investigations. Enforcing the entire Greenville Animal Control Ordinance. Educating the public on proper Animal Control responsibilities

Who We Are

Greenville Animal Control has a wide variety of duties that are too long to mention. If you have a Animal Control Problem Please call!

Our Animal Control Unit has Highly Professional Officers! These Officers have been trained in many field related areas of Animal Control. Please meet our Division employees.

Animal Control Supervisor Tim Langley.

Animal Control Supervisor Tim Langley is said to be one of the most professional and advanced Animal Control Officers in this part of the region. Officer Langley holds many different training certificates from elite schools from all over the State of North Carolina, including National Certification. (The highest degree of Certification an Animal Control Officer can ever receive in his/her career). Officer Langley is an expert in Felony Animal Fighting and an Advanced Animal Cruelty Investigator for the State of North Carolina. Officer Langley has hundreds of hours of courtroom testimony in prosecuting animal violators. Officer Langley is an experienced instructor in teaching Felony Animal Fighting and Animal Cruelty investigation courses to other Animal Control Divisions and Law Enforcement Officers. Officer Langley is a member of the State Animal Response Team (SART). This is vital, should another disaster on the scale of hurricane Floyd or a natural disaster hit Greenville. Should you wish Officer Langley, or one of his professional Animal Control Officers come and talk to your organization, please call or email him at the Greenville Police Department. .

Animal Control Officer Butler.

Officer Butler is a highly professional Animal Control Officer and also a Nationally Certified Animal Control Officer. He is the Senior Animal Control Officer in the field. Officer Butler has a wide range of knowledge on Animals, especially large livestock animals. Officer Butler is highly dedicated and wishes to help the community all he can.

Animal Control Officer Basile.

Officer Basile comes to us with a very impressive military background from the United States Marines. Officer Basile by nature of being in the military, is a highly professional Officer. Officer Basile's expertise in Animal Control work is the professionalism he gets from working under an accredited Police Department. Officer Basile is our newest Animal Control officer, but already shows strong dedication serving the citizens of Greenville.

Adopting a friend

If you feel your Animal has been picked up by Greenville Animal Control. please contact us immediately or contact the Pitt County Animal Shelter at 252-355-7879. The Pitt County Animal Shelter Director Michele Whaley will be happy to assist you in redeeming your animal, and also would love for you to adopt a pet at her shelter. SAVE A LIFE!!! ADOPT A SHELTER PET.

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Greenville Animal Control
500-S-Greene St

Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-329-4387

Email: TLangley@GreenvilleNC.Gov
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