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The Creature Coalition & The Crusty Cottage Sanctuary
Rescuing All Kinds Of Needy Animals In Central North Carolina

STILL......Not one application for this wonderful girl---STILL WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE HER!!!!PLEASE HELP MISHMISH!
/What a fabulous dog--she even does the hula!!!!!!!

*** NEWS ***

WELCOME TO THE CREATURE COALITION!!!!!! If you are new to our site, scroll down to "Who We Are" and read about the Coalition, the Sanctuary, and our mission. *************************************** ********************* WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO SET UP AND MAINTAIN A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR US--PLEASE CALL SHANNON AT 919-548-9616 OR EMAIL AT WE HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL DOG AND CAT THEMED FABRICS TO CREATE YOUR FURRY FRIEND'S ONE-OF-A-KIND SLUMBER THRONE!!! SIZES FROM EXTRA SMALL TO EXTRA EXTRA LARGE!! CONTACT US BY EMAIL OR PHONE FOR MORE INFO ON PURCHASING A BED. ORDER EARLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!! Happy holidays from all of us at the Creature Coalition----we hope to hear from you in 2013 HAPPY TRAILS TO WALTER PRESTON PERRY III AND SHOOBUM YIPPEE FOR BONNIE AND CLYDE AND THEIR NEW FAMILY!! LOTSA LOVE TO LOTSAPOPPA---YOUR BROTHERS WILL MISS YOU HURRAH FOR THE PINK LADY---SHE FOUND HER NEW FAMILY!!!!!!! CONGRATS TO LAURIE ON HER NEW POOCH CASSIE!!! CONGRATS to Pookie, Carnel and Vanessa on their adption of Sarafina!!!!!!!!! With Love to little Lex, friend of the Creature Coalition--your family will miss you. Love to Lady Agnes, NoGo and Duncan on their trips to the Rainbow Bridge. Congrats and thanks to Sina and her well behaved canine family on their adoption of Cheyenne-----love and kisses for years to come!!!!!!! YIPPEE for Linden Bryce---Mark has a great new regal Beagle!!!!! Hurray for Tuttle----he's finally found a loving home with Cathy, John and Herline!!!!! Congrats to Maryann & family on their adoption of sweet miss Viloula! 9/08--Love and kisses to our Regal Beagle "Flash"--we'll miss your smiling face and Flashy-man dance. 4/08--We bid a loving farewell to "Nestle Milo", our big, beautiful ,gentle Chocolate Lab---we'll be looking for you, healthy and happy, at the Rainb ow Bridge. 1/08 So long, thank you and lots of love to "CLEATUS", the BEST Redtick Coonhound that ever lived -----you'll be in our hearts forever and ever. See you at the Rainbow Bridge beautiful Sprite---we miss you 12/07. "Thanks for the memories sweet girl"---we say goodbye to "Zelda", our 15 year old Shep mix girl, who passed away peacefully with the good Doctor's help in September. We say a fond farewell to Zak, 16 year old Pekingese and Crusty Cottage resident, who passed away in late June---we'll miss you. HURRAH TO AMY ON HER ADOPTION OF POODLEPOODLE MILDRED & ELENOR---YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!! CONGRATS TO SUE, JOHN AND SHADOW ON THEIR RECENT ADOPTION OF PRISCILLA, TO LISA AND STEVIE AND ANGUS "SCOOTER", TO ROSEMARY ON HER ADOPTION OF NEELA AND ESPECIALLY TO ELAINE, THE BEST FOSTER MOM ON EARTH, ON HER ADOPTION OF TIFFANY aka "Miss Thang" AND LEWIS-----WE HOPE YOU LIVE LONG AND HAPPY LIVES TOGETHER!!!!!!!! ---SPOIL THEM ROTTEN!!!!! A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO NAOMI FOR THESE PRECIOUS BABIES. Crusty Cottage resident "Cruiser" passed away peacefully in his home on May, 20th, 2007. His gently soul will be missed by all of us. ***************************************************************** WE ARE DESPERATELY IN NEED OF FOSTER HOMES FOR ADOPTABLE CREATURE COALITION DOGS AND CATS---PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Call us at 919-548-9616 for more info. **** SOAP SALE SPECTACULAR FUNDRAISER!!! We will be offering our 3-D soaps in 30 breeds at the special discount price of $4 each (plus shipping) through JuLY 30th. Free gift with orders of 5 or more soaps!!! Just click on our "specialty soap" icon for the list of available breeds. Feel free to order by phone or by email. NEW MOLDS ARE HERE!!!!!.....Komondor, Border Collie, Labrador, German Shep, Shih Tzu, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siamese, Persian, Potbelly Pig, Bunny Rabbit, Guinea Pig, etc. ***************************************************************************** HURRAY---The Creature Coalition now has a PayPal button for donations!!!!!! Simply scan down this home page and look for the Paypal box and click--we thank you in advance for your gift, large or small. We couldn't do it without you!!!! Some of our particular needs are.....PETSMART GIFTCARDS (food & supplies), LOWES or HOME DEPOT GIFT CARDS (fencing, houses, a storage shed, etc), OFFICE MAX, OFFICE DEPOT, OR SIMILAR GIFTCARD, FOSTER & SMITH GIFT CERTIFICATES, CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR VETERINARY ACCOUNT (call our vet at 919-542-5712 to donate by phone), just to name a few needed items. Please contact us by phone or email if you can donate to our efforts.
The Creature Coalition is actively seeking foster homes for both our adoptable pets and those Crusty Cottage residents healthy enough for foster; Please contact us if you can help! All animal related costs will be covered.

A VERY SPECIAL, HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Dr. Monce & his staff for providing outstanding veterinary care, not only for our animals, but for many rescue groups across North Carolina---we are all very lucky to have you working with us!!!!!!!!! Last but not least, thank you to Roberta of Boston Terrier Rescue of NC, Dawne of Southern Siberian Rescue, Linda (the fabulous website-mistress), Sina, the very best volunteer that ever was, Dr. Weiser of Pittsboro Animal Hospital and finally Elaine, the most awesome foster mom in the Universe!!!!!!!.
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I'd like to thank a very special person who, without his support, financial and emotional, the Creature Coalition would not exist. BILL, feeder of the masses, supreme pooper-scooper and hole-digger, chauffeur to countless animals, voice of reason, Heart of Gold--should every creature be so lucky as to have a friend like you. You are the absolute best of the best-----even if you are a cat person!!!


Who We Are
The Creature Coalition is a small, independent animal rescue effort. We take no salaries and receive no grant money--we're just people trying to help unwanted, abandoned and abused animals in our community. We have been doing rescue for over 20 years and have successfully placed many companion animals into loving, permanent homes. We attempt to respond to the most needy situations first. Some animals rescued and brought into the Creature Coalition exhibit health or behavior issues previously unknown or undiagnosed---for these special cases we turn to our sister group, the Crusty Cottage Sanctuary. The Crusty Cottage Sanctuary (for the multilegged elderly, infirm and psychologically whacked) is a lifelong safehaven for animals who, in all liklihood, will never find a forever home of their own. Some have chronic medical conditions requiring regular and sometimes expensive veterinary care, special diets and daily medications or treatments. Other have psychological or behavioral issues that prevent them from being a full, active member of a "normal" family. For a few Crusty Cottage residents, we are the first and only loving home they have ever had. Over the years, the Crusty Cottage has provided hospice care for many dogs and cats in the final weeks or months of their lives--comfy quarters, nutritional food, proper medical care and plenty of love until it's time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We hope to honor the memory of those passed by opening our doors to others in need. In most instances, Crusty Cottage residents are available for adoption to "extra special" homes who understand their needs---don't hesitate to email us if you can provide for one of these "extra special" friends. We accept donations of any kind, however large or small, but please note that we are not IRS 501C-3 registered and donations can not be considered tax deductable.

Many of our rescues require expensive vetting. Please open your heart by donating toward their medical expenses-----donate securely using Paypal by clicking on their link below:
Adoption Process:
Please fill out our ONLINE adoption application. Once we receive your application, we will....

1) Check your personal references and vet references (process your application)
2) Conduct a brief interview by phone
3) Arrange for you to meet the appropriate pet companion. $) Make a home visit
5) Finalize the adoption contract;
6) Collect the adoption charge if applicable;
7) Deliver your new fuzzy family member;
8) Follow up with you and your veterinarian.

A Fenced yard and family member status is required for most adoptions. The Adopter must be age 25 or older. No 3rd person adoptions. Potential adopters please note that all animals in your household must be altered. We encourage you to visit your local animal shelter frequently when searching for a new pet. Feel free to contact us for help in finding that "special one." We will work with you to locate and rescue a pet not lucky enough to make it into a rescue group.

The Creature Coalition &
The Crusty Cottage Sanctuary
Phone: 919-548-9616

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