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Ocicat Rescue is a network of Ocicat fanciers whose main goal is to make sure that Ocicats everywhere have a forever home.

Adopting an Ocicat

Ocicats are #21 cat in registrations in CFA, the biggest registration organization in the world. They are not as popular as the Persian or Siamese in numbers registered with CFA nor are they as popular number wise as Bengals which are largely registered in TICA. Therefore we donít see as large a number of Ocicats available as rescues as some other breeds.

Most reputable Ocicat breeders have a return clause in their contracts that they put on their cats/kittens. Many offer to take the cat/kitten back if for some reason the owner can no longer keep the cat/kitten. Most will rehome the cat/kitten unless the owner has someone that wants the Ocicat at which point the breeder may agree, the majority of the time reputable Ocicat breeders want to know the location of all cats/kittens they have placed. When the breeder can not be located/identified or the breeder will not take the cat/kitten back Ocicat Rescue steps in to help.

Ocicat Rescue has both pedigreed and mix Ocicats available on our site. We cannot always guarantee that in the case of a mix that it is actually Ocicat. We can only go by our judgement and give our honest advice. Some of the cats listed are still with owners or other rescue organizations, so you wonít necessarily be dealing directly with Ocicat Rescue.

Our Adoptable Pet List

Rescue Contacts

1016 New Street
Salisbury, NC 28144
Phone: 704-637-6970

Email: ocicat@blackwaterocicats.com

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