Nash County Animal Control Shelter

Our Adoptable Pet List

Please contact a local Vet and have your dog or cat vaccinated for Rabies.
Rabies vaccination is required by law. Ask for pricing or special offers.

About Our Shelter

Please be aware that we have a very small shelter with a great many pets coming in. We are Nash County Animal Control and this is the county's facility to shelter the pets brought in. They are at risk of death if not reclaimed, adopted or rescued. Space is limited and the intake is large. The number one reason for so many intakes is due to people not spay/neutering their pets, creating a large number of unwanted pets and straying due to wishing to mate. Please FIX your pet.

Some pets pictured were strays that have to be held 72 hrs (3 business days) in hopes that their owners will find them. If not claimed, they are available to be adopted or rescued. We post their pictures in advance of availability. If you see a pet you want, it is first come/first serve after the stray hold!

Some pets are owner surrenders, due to various reasons, including but not limited to financial problems, allergies, death of their owners, or moving to a place where pets are not allowed. Owner surrendered pets are available immediately. The pets listed are all adoptable. There may be other pets available that are not listed! Some of the pets may not longer be there, although we will attempt to keep this site current.

ALL of the pets listed are CRITICAL and at Risk of Death if not adopted or rescued quickly. Since we are so small, the turn-around time is swift! PLEASE DO NOT WAIT!

Open to Public: 1 - 4 PM, Monday - Friday
Call for AM appointments. Closed 11:30 AM - 1 PM
Our adoption fee is $20 for spay/neutered pets (fixed)
OR $50 (refundable) for those needing spay/neutered.
The $50 fee will be refunded upon proof of spay/neutering (in a timely manner).
There is no charge for 501c3 rescue groups with the proper paperwork.
The Adoption Fee does not include any immunizations or spay/neutering.
You are required to obtain a rabies shot.
Thank you for caring enough to adopt and save a pet!

Come Visit Us!

Nash County Animal Control Shelter 921 NORTH 1st Street, Nashville, NC 27856 .... PLEASE look at the map FIRST. Go NORTH on 1st. St, NOT South on 58. Click here for a map and to get directions to our building.
Nash County Animal Control Shelter
921 North First St. Extension (Red Oak Hwy)
Nashville, NC 27856
Phone: (252) 459-9855

Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

Nash County Animal Friends (NCAF), a volunteer group, assists in keeping this site current. NCAF is in need of photographers and LOCAL short-term fosters to help with transition from Shelter to Rescue
Nash County Animal Friends

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