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The Tarheel Weimaraner Club has a very active Rescue Program. We have rescued and placed over 700 Weimaraners in the last 15 years. We do not agree that there is a shortage of Weimaraners! Our rescue program tries hard to match the right dog to the right owner, and we have been very successful for that reason. We get the dogs in a variety of ways, such as from shelters, or from owners who are divorcing and moving to an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. All of our dogs are vet checked, spayed or neutered, housebroken and crate-trained. We also refer people to others wishing to place their own dog. Often, in a home where both people work, an adult dog with some training can be a better choice than a rambunctious puppy.

Adopting a friend

The Tarheel Weimaraner Club will only place dogs in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The dogs are available to approved homes for the following fees: puppies 8 weeks to one year $400 (a $100 refund for pups not spayed or neutered once proof of surgery provided); dogs 1 to 5 years $300; dogs 6 years and over $200; dogs with special needs $100 to $150. These fees help a little to defray costs for the rescue program.

An application will need to be completed and approved if you are interested in adopting a Weimaraner from the TWR. Once approved, you may not necessarily get a dog right away; it is not first come, first served. As stated above, we are trying to match each dog with the family best suited for him/her.

Contact us for more information.

Dogs are housed in private foster homes. Phone: 828-447-0991
Email: TWCRescue@aol.com
Website: http://www.tarheelweimrescue.org

Do Your Homework... Weimaraners Are Not For Everyone!

Please learn all you can about this unique breed before making the decision to obtain one: Visit our website: http://www.tarheelweimrescue.org
Other helpful websites: http://www.weimrescue.org

More to follow....
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