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Protecting Pets from Domestic Violence

Forsyth County Animal Control and Family Services offers an option to domestic violence victims. To arrange temporary foster care through Safe Haven, please call Family Services Inc. at 336-723-8125.

Who We Are

 Forsyth County Animal Control is a full service animal-care-and-control agency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The "old" shelter was opened in 1970, but the department has been serving the citizens of Forsyth County since 1950. The new shelter opened August of 2006. The department includes the animal shelter and law enforcement divisions.

Adopting a friend

 Forsyth County Animal Control has a variety of wonderful companion animals waiting to share a lifetime of love with you and your family.

Adopting a pet is a big step in your life and in the pet's life as well. You will be choosing a companion with whom you can expect to spend the next decade or more. Our adoption procedures are designed to help place the right animal in just the right home. Visit Our Website for more information about adoption procedures and application.

The adoption fee includes the following:

* Spay or neuter surgery

* Heartworm check for dogs

* Deworming

* Treatment for fleas and ticks

* Feline leukemia and feline aides test for cats

* Distemper vaccination

* Bordatella and corona vaccinations for dogs

* Rabies vaccination

* Microchip

* County dog tag

* And a free Vet Exam within the first 7 days of the adoption (by a participating Forsyth County Vet)

Come Visit Us!

Forsyth County Animal Control
5570 Sturmer Park Circle
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Phone: (336)703-DOGS

Email: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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