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ADOPTION FORM for other animals on this site, send an Email to: diancamp@bellsouth.net

Our Pet List

Applicants must be 21 years of age to be considered eligible to adopt.
You MUST be a resident of North Carolina, South Carolina, southern Virginia, or eastern Tennessee to be considered and willing to travel. WE DO NOT SHIP ANIMALS!
If you have not researched about the animal you want to adopt, please do not apply. Your application will be denied.

Ferrets listed together are bonded and will not be separated!

"Although we are specifically a ferret shelter, we rescue and adopt other animals which will also be listed here."

NOTE: Donations to Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven, Inc. are used "only" for the ferrets. ALL other animals are funded 100% by Diane and Tony Campbell.

Our Featured Ferret...


Special Needs Adoption Only

Pinky is a 2.5 lb, DEW (dark-eyed white), 16 months, non-Marshall Farm ferret. She is a biter and will only be placed in a childless, ferret experienced home. She gets along well with other ferrets and is sweet while held.

Who We Are:

Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven (FGRH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose focus is the rescue, care, and placement of abused, neglected, and unwanted ferrets. We are registered with the state of North Carolina. The shelter is currently based out of the home of Diane and Tony Campbell in Hudson, NC. There are, on average, about 80 ferrets in the shelter at any one time. The shelter has peaked at around 200+ shelter ferrets in the past.

What's New:

See Our New Shelter building and Natural Area In 2008, we purchased a home in the foothills of North Carolina. We were looking for the perfect environment to allow us to continue providing care and support for the ferrets that come to our shelter. We have found such a place. Our new home has a detached two car garage that was reconstructed for the indoor shelter. We have had this dream for quite a while to provide a natural living environment for the ferrets. We built an open air enclosure next to and attached to the garage to provide such a living area for the fuzzies. This enclosure measures 24 feet by 24 feet, constructed of concrete walls about 1 foot above, and 3 feet in front and 5 feet in rear below ground level, with a "floor" constructed of galvanized screen mesh wire between 6 of gravel to prevent a tunneling escape. The rest of the enclosure (roof and walls) is framed, wired and screened to snake/mosquito/critter/bird proof. The ferrets have a passage from the indoor shelter into the open air enclosure at will. The area was backfilled with a mixture of sand and dirt, filtered water fall/ponds, rocks, non-poison plants and grass. FGRH currently recieves small donations from the Triangle Area Ferret Lovers (TriFL) and through private donations. These donations make up about 10% of the shelter's operating costs. The remainder is funded by Mr. & Mrs. Campbell.

How To help:

Adopt a Ferret

The best way for anyone to help is to provide a permanent, loving home for one or more of our adoptable ferrets. Adoptable ferrets need not only quality, but quantity time. Ferrets will adjust to your schedules and in the mood to play, when you are able to spend time with them. In a shelter, ferrets receive quality time, but, with so many to care for; do not receive the quantity of time that they need and deserve. By adopting, you are getting them into an environment where they can bond with their owners and receive the love and attention they need.

Foster a Ferret

Fostering one or more ferrets provide almost all the benefits of adoption. It places them in an environment where they receive more individual attention. The only disadvantage to fostering is the ferret may bond with the foster parent. When they are permanently placed with an adoptive parent, they may experience a period of depression. Even though this is a possibility, a foster home is better for the emotional well being of the ferret(s) than a shelter.

Home Visits

The home visit is vital to the placement of ferrets. With applications coming in from all over NC, SC, TN and parts of VA, it is not always feasible for Diane to perform the home visit. With experienced volunteers in ferret-proofing and ferret education, she can ask someone living close to an applicant to do the home visit.

Spread the Word

This is easy for everyone. If you know of, or hear that someone is interested in becoming a ferret owner, simply tell them about the shelter and the application process. Give them the address of this site so they can complete an application.


This one can be a little tougher. Money is tight for everyone especially the shelters. There are ferrets at the shelter that are waiting for medical procedures. Any donation is greatly appreciated. In the world that we live there are many scams that target getting your money. If you are not comfortable making a donation directly to the shelter, simply contact us. We will be happy to tell you which Vet to send your donation to. They will apply your donation to the shelter's account, thereby allowing the shelter to afford medical treatment. To make a donation directly to the shelter, you may mail a check, or click on the donation link to PayPal.

Adopting a friend:

1. Find out if a ferret is the right pet for you. Ferrets have many possible personality quirks that make the more of a challenge than other domesticated pets. The rewards, however, are worth it. Research ferrets and be sure that they are for you.

2. Fill out our Adoption Form and send it to us by e-mail, fax, or snail mail.

3. After we check your references and decide whether or not to continue with the application process, we will schedule a home check to make sure that your home is suitable for the ferrets needs, discussions on ferret care/health issues and to assist in ferret-proofing.

4. If you are approved, come to one of our outings, or schedule an appointment to meet individual ferrets so that they may decide if you are right for them.

Please Note:
Ferrets are not for everyone. One of the main reasons so many end up in shelters is people aquiring ferrets because they are "so cute" and playful. They do not realize the responsibility that goes along with being a ferret parent. If you are not approved, please do not think we have decided you would not be a great pet owner. Many times, it's just we feel you would be better off with a different type of pet considering your current situation.

Come Visit Us!

Ferrets are seen "By Appointment Only". Please follow the adoption procedure.

Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven Inc 501(c)3
3110 Lewis Austin Ln
Hudson, NC 28638
Phone: 828-728-7101
Email: diancamp_nc@gmail.com
Web Page: www.ferretguardian.org

Web Page: www.fgrh.org

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