Feral Cat Assistance Program

Our Pet List

Feral Cat Assistance Program(FCAP) has a large selection of very social, loving cats and kittens that would make wonderful additions to the family. Please see our list of pets for the descriptions and pictures of just a few of the cats and kittens that FCAP has available for adoption. If you would like more information on the animals that you see featured on Petfinder.com or if you would like to inquire about other cats and kittens in our adoption program, please call (336) 378-0878 - line 3.

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FCAP Featured Pet

Please contact us at (336) 378-0878 line 3 to learn more about the kitties in our adoption program.


Adoption Fair Calendar

Feral Cat Assistance Program holds adoption fairs every Saturday and Sunday. You can meet a number of cats and kittens that live in foster homes at the adoption fair.

1206 Bridford Pkway
Greensboro, NC
336) 218-8188