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Types of Adoptions

We have 2 types of pets listed. Most of them are in the county Animal Shelter, but some are "courtesy listings" that we put up for private individuals who can't keep their pets and are looking for a good home for them.

Shelter Adoption: Most of the pets shown here are county animals in a county facility. Adopters should contact the shelter directly and pay them directly, and request info about an animal by case number, not name. The shelter phone number is 828-456-5338 and this is not a no-kill shelter so time is of the essence. The shelter is located on Hemlock Street (next to the old County Jail) and hours are Monday-Saturday 9-4, & Sunday 12-4.

Adoption fees, which include a rabies shot and neuter/spay, are:

Dogs under 40 lbs$77.50$92.50
Dogs 40 lbs and over$82.50$107.50

If you adopt a shelter pet that has not yet been neutered or spayed, the shelter staff will take your pet to a local vet the next business day for the surgery, and you can then pick it up from the vet, usually the next day.

If the pet has already been altered, the adoption fee is $40.00 (+ $7.50 for the rabies shot, if needed.)

Courtesy Listings: Already owned (or publicly fostered) pets looking for rehoming. Contact person directly.

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