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Questions are cheerfully answered and applications sent out to interested people! All interested homes must be wiling to fill out an application, have a home visit and then sign an adoption contract. Each dog has an adoption fee and it varies from dog to dog.


While there is a phone listed your best bet of real contact would be via an e-mail and that addy is included in the info on each dog. Some of my rescues are in foster care. Please note the names and e-mail addresses on each individual profile. This is the location of the dog and the person taking applications for them. They are the ones you need to talk to about the personalities of the rescues and other information.

Who We Are

"Let's Go Home Now" Rescue is dedicatied to helpingToy & Chinese Crested (and ALL hairless breeds) to find loving forever homes. It is an independent rescue run by a single person (me)! I help as many small ones as I can and my niche in the rescue world is elders and special needs dogs. Those who under different circumstances would be put to sleep as not adoptable. While they are my love and my specialty, I also help healthy pups too! All on a one to one basis as room opens up. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a shelter. There are no drop in's or shopping for a dog days. I am not a non-profit organization. This means I have no tax free status. Every penny spent on all my rescues is my very own and once it is spent it is gone. I rarely ever get donations from people. I can not give receipts for use as tax deductions. I really want to stress this because there is nothing I can give you back for you to be able to recoup your donations. I really feel I need to make that clear...

Adopting a friend

I work on a one to one relationship with each dog. Some will be on this website and others will be located on my own domain:(http://www.SwiftwaterFarms.com ) on the "Let's Go Home Now" page. I require an application to be filled out, a home check and a contract to insure the safety and well-being of my fur-kids. My adoption fee is different with each dog and this includes full vetting and alteration. The special needs and elders are individually evaluated as well. Adult and elder dogs make wonderful, loving companions. They come in all sizes and personalities and even though some are the same breed they are as individual as fingerprints in their personalities, the way they show love and accept it from you. With an adult you have maturity and none of the 'puppy" things. That tiny little black puppy today may be tomorrows Dobie...but with an adult you know that the 5 pound baby you have is going to be there tomorrow as well!
"Lets Go Home Now" Toy & Chinese Crested & Poodle Rescue
Wake Forest, NC
Phone: 919/554-4058 leave a msg.

Email: SusieCar@MindSpring.com
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