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Adopting a friend

Please check out our beautiful purebred Keeshonds! Each Keeshond's bio begins with the city and state in which the dog currently resides. New Kees join our rehoming program regularly and may not yet be listed on the site. They are fostered in qualified "Keeshond homes" where they first go through medical and personality evaluation before placement. Either check back with us regularly or contact us for details on other Keeshonden that may be available shortly.

There is an adoption fee. However, before placement, the dog will have been evaluated, checked for medical problems, heartworm tested, on heartworm preventative, neutered or spayed, and will be up-to-date on shots.

Who We Are

The SouthEastern Keeshond Club is formed of a network of Keeshond advocates in most of the south-eastern states, including North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and eastern Tennessee. While we are a Keeshonden-interest club, we also perform rescues of our beautiful four-legged friends.

We are not a single-location shelter - our rescues are housed in loving foster homes across the various states. As such, drop-by visits are not possible, so please contact our coordinator(s) if you are interested in adopting any of our Keeshonden so that arrangements can be made for applications, discussions and appointments.

For membership information or adoption procedures, please contact fuzzybutts@charter.net

SouthEastern Keeshond Club

Southeastern States, U.S.A.
Phone: UNLISTED. Please email.

Email: fuzzybutts@charter.net

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