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Sandhills Pet Rescue is deeply concerned about current mandatory spay/neuter legislation being introduced around the country. Radical groups pushing these agendas such as PETA and the HSUS have the goal of eliminating the rights of pet owners and responsible breeders and thereby making extinct the domestic dog. Mandatory spay/neuter will not solve the pet over population problem. Responsible pet ownership will. At this rescue, I have never been asked to take a breeder puppy or kitten, but on numerous occasions have been asked to rehome a pet for an irresponsible owner who no longer wanted their dog or cat because they had become "too much trouble". We certainly advocate spay/neuter for all of our pet homes and feel a spayed or neutered pet is the best choice for the average pet home. However, we adamantly believe in responsible ownership and believe that individual owners and breeders have the right to choose to keep intact animals in their homes and that this right should never be limited by government. Without responsible breeders, the dogs that we love would not exist. As someone who has spent countless thousands of hours in the kill shelters of North Carolina, the pets housed there in large majority are strays and mixed breeds. Enforcing ridiculous mandatory spay/neuter legislation will not diminish their populations. It will not affect them. What it will do is limit the rights of responsible breeders allowing an environment for puppy mills to thrive since falling under federal USDA legislation they would be untouched. When mandatory spay neuter legislation is introduced in your area, please read the proposed legislation and consider it closely and realize the agendas of the groups behind it. Educate yourself because this legislation can and very well might soon be affecting you and your rights of pet ownership.

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Sandhills Herding Dog Rescue works closely with local animal shelters to give homeless herding dogs a second chance. All animals are brought up to date on vaccines, given necessary veterinary care, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Animals available for adoption live with us in our homes.


**If you can't find the pet you're looking for on our pet list, contact us. We may be able to refer you to a local shelter or rescue that has just the pet you're searching for.**  

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Adoptions are contingent upon an application, fee, and adoption contract. All animals will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption!!! Please email us for an application or with any questions you may have concerning our adoption process.


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Animals are fostered within our homes. Thus, an appointment must be made prior to visiting the animal.

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