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We have many cats & dogs here that we need to find homes for. There are few foster homes or permananet homes here as many people are extremely poor or already are maxed out with pets.
Please open your home and heart to a rescued pet in need.
If you can come to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and take back a couple of pets - PLEASE DO!
We will help any way we can to work with you to make this happen!!!
PLEASE HELP these animals that have no voice & no chance without YOU!
Contact us at:


Hours are 9-3 Mon - Fri.
URGENT - NEED FOOD for dogs & pups, stainless steel bowls for food & water, medicines, newspapers, towels, cleaning products, pesos to help buy medicines and care for these animals - PLEASE.....THEY CAN NOW ACCEPT CASH DONATIONS AS THEIR LEGAL PAPERWORK IS I00% IN ORDER.
IF YOU PREFER TO GIVE FOOD OR OTHER ITEMS WHICH they desperately need to help the center in the form of food, medicine, disinfectants, you name it. Please folks - take tangible donations to the office of Ron Walker, who is the official accountant for the group, of which the Animal Center is an integral part. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. at Mina 178, telephone 222-0897,
e-mail Ron at: Ron's secretary, Marina, also speaks English.
Take Francisco Villa (same street as Library) heading toward Pitillal. At the Guadalajara Farmacia take a RIGHT (this is Parvo Real street). After a block or so Parvo Real is a one way so you must bear RIGHT. Follow that road straight until you reach a stop sign at a T intersection where you must make a turn. Turn LEFT. Go to the second street on your right and make a RIGHT (this will put you back on Parvo Real). Follow Parvo Real - you will pass Rancho Leon on your right & then you will pass Collegio Vancouver on your right. You will come to a sign that says Colonia Santa Maria. At that street you will need to make a SLIGHT LEFT onto Santa Maria. Go 1 block to the Y split in the road and stay STRAIGHT onto Playa de Oro street. Go about 4 blocks to the stop sign (you will see the high tension power lines). Take a LEFT. Go to the first street on the right - this is Costa de Oro street. Take a RIGHT at Costa de Oro (no sign) and go up the hill - you will see a bright lime green building on your left. Another block or so up the hill and you will see the CENTRO DE ACOPIO ANIMALS buildings on your left. Turn left in front of the buildings and the driveway is just in on your right. See pics & directions here as well:
For the Love of ALL Animals,
Roie Griego, President
Local PV # 223-3576
US Tel: 508-224-5950
e-mail us at:
General Website which gives info re: our programs, pics, updates, etc.:
Pets for adoption & info on PV City Animal Center:
Any questions or problems please E-mail us at:
We have had 3 clinics already this 2004-2005 season. All 3 were a big success and helped many animals.
The Canadian & American vets who made this possible are to be commended for their efforts & contribution:
Drs. Karen Hill & Joe Waldman of Calgary, Canada helped 94 pets at their 4 day sterilization clinic.
Dr. Larry Wallace of Minnesota, USA did a 2 day seminar for our local vets on orthopedic procedures and performed several surgeries which provided practical experience for our local vets.
Dr. Stephanie Garlichs of Seattle, WA USA did a 2 day cat sterilization clinic for about 24 cats.
It makes me very happy that all of us who love animals and want to help them are working so well together for the benefit of the animals who need us so much - Gracias Amigos!
The ANIMALS and I THANK each and every one of you who made these incredible events possible.
For the Love of ALL Animals, Roie Griego, President Friends of the Animals, Inc. - 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization
e-mail us at:
U.S. 508-224-5950
PV Local 223-3576
Mexico sites:
Mexico animals for adoption site:
e-mail us at:
WE NEED ALL KINDS OF HELP - SO PLEASE HELP THE ANIMALS. Thanks so much for thinking of us & wanting to help out. Unfortunately, we have no way to cash checks mailed to us in the states while we are in Mexico or to cash checks in Mexico. This is the reason I usually tell people to send the checks directly to the U.S. bank for deposit. Amigos de los Animales or Friends of the Animals and mailed to:
We are an all-volunteer organization. Our funds go strictly, housing, medical and minimal administrative expenditures. Any size contribution is welcomed and greatly needed! To make a donation using Paypal please click on: Our account e-mail address is: We will gladly accept wire transfers or checks which can be made out to Friends of the Animals Trust and mailed to: Eastern Bank 36 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

Please include our account number on your check:
Acct #0890466279
Our IRS number is: # 20-1385396
Donations to help us can be made through Paypal:
Our account e-mail address is:
We do have a Paypal account. Thanks so much for caring,
We have a year round program called "VETS ACROSS THE BORDER" and would love to have participation of veterinarians and students in it. We are in the process of building the first shelter/clinic with the local government. If the clinic is not open in time for any participants, we can arrange places for them to volunteers their services. We also encourage specialists to come to share knowledge with our local vets and can arrange a meeting place & translators for lectures and practical experience. Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic resort area so it would make a great destination for anyone wanting to combine some volunteer work to help many needy animals along with an opportunity to have a terrific vacation in the sun & surf! Participants can offer to spend any amount of time they would like from one day, a week to months... Since we have no funding we are not able to provide any compensation for travel, hotel or meals. Sometimes we have connections with individuals willing to offer their condos at discounted prices. Eventually the new shelter/clinic will have a small dormitory and area for meals. We hope that you or a vet you know will be interested in participating in our program. There are sections in our website (see below) which show some of the past participants in our programs and the wonderful accomplishments they have made. Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to having many veterinarian professionals participate in our program. Visit our website: Amigos de los Animales

Who We Are

Amigos de los Animales which is part of Friends of the Animals, Inc. is comprised of a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping ALL animals in Puerto Vallarta and the surounding communities. The goal is to educate the people in the importance of proper treatment of animals whether they are pets, strays or wild. This education includes neutering and spaying, proper feeding, veterinary care, and helping abandoned strays find good homes with locals and foreigners. We try to provide medical care and spay/neuter clinics through the assistance of local veterinarians when our funds permit us to do so. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and its surrounding communities are overpopulated with stray and abandoned animals and other wildlife which are held in captivity in various situations. Only through volunteer efforts and with the cooperation of the local authorities can the problem be mitigated. Please join us in helping those who have no words - ONLY YOU. We may not be able to save the world, but often we can save a beautiful piece of it. If YOU care, please review "How You Can Help" on our website.

Adopting a friend

We are more than happy to assist you in the adoption of a cat or dog from Puerto Vallarta whether you live in Mexico, the US or Canada. There is no quarantine for dogs or cats going from Mexico to the US or Canada. - to contact us please see info located on our website: Amigos de los Animales or e-mail us at:

Come Visit Us!

We are located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - contact info is located on our website: Amigos de los Animales or e-mail us at:
Friends of the Animals, Inc. - Amigos de los Animales

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX P.C. 48300
Phone: 322-22-33576

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