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The Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter (POAS), formed in November of 2009, is intended to be just that, an oasis and safe haven for animals on the Hi-Line prairie.

The POAS is a no-kill shelter and takes over impounded animals from the Shelby City Pound after an animal has been in the care of the city for seven days. At that point, POAS steps in and assumes care, feeding and the medical expenses of the animals.

POAS is asking anyone in the community who has a tender spot for animals to consider donating canned cat/dog food, dry cat/dog food, towels, blankets, toys, and dollars. “We will accept any donation of food, monetary donations, or volunteer hours. Currently our volunteers are providing everything ourselves that the animals need,” said Ober.

POAS is also hoping that when individuals are considering adopting an animal, that they will look first at the animals available right here in Toole County.

Also on their wish list are foster families who will house, feed, and provide animals with necessary care as they are waiting for adoption. The POAS aggressively searches for homes by posting their animals on adoption websites and running ads in the local papers.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help with the project, or to assist in anyway please call (406) 450-1671  “It takes lots of volunteers and people to help us. We have so many homeless animals in our community that need some help,” 

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Visit our Web Site! www.prairieoasismt.org

Who We Are

Mission Statement

We Shall Provide Shelter, Care, and Support for Abused, Neglected, Unwanted, and Stray Animals: Aid When Asked; Intercede When Necessary.


1. Provide a humane environment where animals will receive shelter, food, water, veterinarian care and human contact.

2. Place animals in appropriate environments where they will receive their basic needs met, along with safe and emotional nurturing. No chaining or confining in inadequate space will be accepted in adoption.

3. Provide a spay/neuter program to the public, and require all shelter animals to be altered prior to adoption.

4. Attempt to rehabilitate animals with special needs so they will be more adoptable.

5. Implement public programs and services that will promote dependable and "forever" homes for pet ownership.

6. Be advocates for animals.

7. Provide a "no kill" shelter for animals except for extenuating circumstances where the animal's behavior or health deems otherwise.

Come Visit Us

If you see an animal that you are interested in, give us a call! Week days, evenings and weekends to schedule a visit or email us. Our hours are by appointment only.   

(406) 450-1671

50 City Shop Road

Shelby, MT 59474


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