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Conrad MT has a local city/county facility (located across from Van Motors in the City Shop bldgs) to house strays picked up in and around the county. It is called the Pound because we are not set up as a 503(c) "shelter" due to the costs of doing so. The sheriff's office and the city officers bring the animals in. If the animal is not claimed or has been surrendered, then I am contacted to "put the word out" as many places as I can so that if the dog/cat is missing from somewhere else it can be found; or in the case of nonclaimed/surrendered, to find the pet a new forever home. Our facility has no budget. We have people that regularly donate food items and some that have donated carpet samples and blankets. We are always looking for donations, and are grateful for anything we receive to help the animals be comfortable. The facility is small, but clean, organized, and the animals are looked after 3 times a day, at least. We have 7 dog kennels, of which 2 go outside to outdoor kennels, and 2 have a ceiling for our escape artists. We will keep an animal as long as it takes to find a new home or transport to another shelter. We DO NOT euthanize.  We have a local vet that examines/treats sicknesses, injuries, and can spay/neuter/shots to help facilitate placement. We can always use donations to help pay veterinary costs. 

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