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The EQUUS International Film Festival®, an outreach project of Horse Haven Montana and the first equine focused film festival in the world returns to Montana this year!  The Call for Entries opens February 1 and continues through June 1.  The Film Festival and Conference will kick off in September in Missoula, Montana.  To learn more, please visit www.equusinternationalfilmfestival.com or email us for information, entry packets, to sponsor, support or partner with us. 



Adopting A Friend

As an equine rescue and adoption organization, there is nothing more rewarding than placing rescued horses in homes which are the best they can possibly be for both horse and human. That is our primary goal.

Testimonials from several recent adoptions:
“I’ve been meaning to send you a note for some time but just getting to it now.  Tobie is doing wonderfully.  I’ve probably ridden him over 50 times this summer and have not had any bad experiences.  He’s become a very willing trail horse and will lead or follow.  He’s fun to be around as he loves people and being handled.”

“Thank you so much for being the “middle woman” in bringing this mare into our lives. She’ll be great for Autumns confidence. She is very responsive to Autumn and knows her job and does it! She’s very charming as well!”

“Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I picked Maggie up on Tuesday, rode her on Wednesday. She has adopted me! I have a true testimony of a perfect horse person for a perfect MS person. Thanks for all you did for me, I am delighted.”

Please note: Your adoption donations help to keep our program going and are invested right back into the costs involved in rescue including daily care, retraining, advertising, feed, travel, transport and veterinary services for rescues and adoptions. We are also feel that a requested donation conveys the importance of making a responsible financial, moral and humane commitment to each animal. This also further helps to ensure that the equine is not taken to auction or sold at slaughter, which is against our philosophy, mission and purpose.

Who We Are

Horse Haven Montana was established in 2007 in response to a growing nationwide crisis of homeless, abandoned or unwanted horses as well as a growing number of horse owners who for various reasons needed to relinquish their horses.  Some of these equines were part of the individuals’ livelihoods, others were pets; others had a different purpose.  Some came from working ranches, others were in performance; some were former racehorses and some were simply personal property or pets.  Regardless of the type of ownership, both horse and human faced a crisis --- the equines were in need of new homes, the owners, both individuals and families needed help. 


In some cases, horse owners found themselves in situations they could no longer manage such as loss of employment, divorce, illness, aging or a forced move.  Some found themselves with animals they were unable to care for due to lack of knowledge or financial resources.  The reasons then and now are varied but economic and social welfare factors are among the most significant.  As an organization dedicated to rescue, adoption and education, our work and our services assist both animal as well as human, in both rescue, education and ultimately adoption.

In the case of Horse Haven Montana, a 501c3 not for profit all-volunteer organization, our goal is to improve the welfare of equines; our emphasis is on finding permanent adoptive homes for horses in need and in assisting horse owners— by coming to their aide, by providing permanent, loving, responsible, forever homes; and by providing education – training, clinics, resources, referrals, and hope. But our primary focus is on rescue, adoption and education.


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