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The focus of Life Savers Animal Rescue (LSAR) is animals in urgent need. Our animals have been forgotten, rejected or abandoned for a variety of reasons and would most likely be euthanized if we did not intercede on their behalf. We believe these animals deserve a second chance at finding a lifetime guardian or caretaker to ensure they live out the rest of their lives in a caring environment. If LSAR does not have the 'lifetime buddy' you are looking for, we'll help you find it. We also urge you to contact local shelters, rescue groups and animal control facilities in your area. WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN ALL SAVE LIVES

Adopting a friend

Because we want to ensure all of our animals are placed in environments where they can thrive for the balance of their lives, we reserve the right to screen our prospective adoptive owners and to terminate the adoption process at any point. In order to affect a successful and problem-free placement, our adoption process takes into account the temperament, age and condition of the animal and the environment it will be placed in. Family members' ages and long-term expectations of the prospective home will also be considered. We have only the best interests of the animals and the new pet owners at heart and we seek to avoid misplacements which will end in heartache for everyone. We appreciate your understanding in the event we feel you and a chosen animal are not the right match. Adoption application and a copy of our Adoption Agreement are available upon request.

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Please note that LSAR does not have a building. All pets are in volunteer foster homes; please check individual listings for contact information. If you are interested in helping us save lives by becoming a foster volunteer, please contact us.

Life Savers Animal Rescue
P. O. Box 643
Polson, MT 59860


Linda: (406)883-5978 or 250-5915
Vicki: (406)883-2582
Karen: (406)883-0140 or 250-5959


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