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Go to for updates on dogs Available for Adoption. Starting the year 2015 for the first time in years all Bassets have homes or have been admitted into our Houndie Homestead for life.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization -rescue and placement service for the Basset Hound breed,and help find homes for SENIOR German Shepherds on VERY RARE occasions that are DIRE save their lives.

Our adoption agreements are detailed, and our procedures here at Basset Rescue are for the benefit of the homeless and abandoned dogs in every way. . When applying for an application, please be prepared to assist us with every area needed to be considered. Sometimes this involves alot of telephone work and questions. Your help with this is greatly appreciated for the permanent well being and placement of our rescued dogs. There is a 2 week trial period to make sure it is a good match. PLEASE TAKE OUR ADOPTION AGREEMENTS SERIOUSLY AS THEY ARE CREATED AND MEANT TO HELP KEEP THE BEST HOME FOR THE RESCUES ONCE ADOPTED. If you cannot abide by the agreement, please do tell us up front, as we wish to make a forever home just that...FOREVER.

Our shelter/office is only open once an application has been approved. We have no paid employees or a full time volunteer to keep our shelter open to the public, therefore we limit visitors to "approved applicants" which is for the benefit of all. All agreements and the paperwork is completed here at Basset Rescue of MT.

To assist you in your decisions, please do BEFORE you apply READ OVER OUR DETAILED and complete web page on and about Basset Rescue of MT.

THIS IS A VITAL PART OF YOUR WANTING TO ADOPT. Houndie Homestead ,a part of Basset REscue of Mt. is where bassets and that "one" senior German Shepherd, that might not get adopted can rest and be safe and get love and care for the rest of their lives. Currently,Brutus has joinded the pack here and we have Dudley Do Right, Checkers....... and HANK in our Houndie Homestead. also chief. adopted by Leslie to help. EMAIL or call 406-207-0765 for more updates thru out the year. OUR WEBSITE: CURRENTLY OUR RESCUES ARE boarded unless its urgent that he/she be monitored here at the ranch.. We are in URGENT AND desperate need of a few Foster Homes locally here in Western Montana.

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Basset Rescue of Montana

14600 Springhill Road.
Frenchtown, MT 59834
Phone: 406-207-0765

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