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Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming Beagles

While our focus is beagles, we also rescue and rehome other breeds with which we have a lot of personal experience,
including dachshunds, rottweilers, and chihuahuas.

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WHAT IS A PUPPY MILL? It is a business that breeds puppies in mass quantities for profit. The sad part of this story is that it usually means that mass quantities of dogs are living in horrid conditions with little or no veterinary care & improper diets. The dogs being bred usually live outside in small rabbit cages with grated floors. Most of the dogs are heartworm positive, have lost many of their teeth (and those that are left are covered in tartar) from their poor diet, had never had their nails trimmed, suffer from hair loss from flea dermatitis, longhaired breeds are painfully matted, and they all have been bred over and over and over, never to leave their cages or step foot on the ground, never run in the grass, or feel the caress of a kind hand. Once they are unable to produce any more puppies, they are destryed.

HOW DO PUPPY MILLS STAY IN BUSINESS? Most people do not even know that there is a puppy mill in their neighborhood. The puppies are sold on street corners, from ads in papers, or even to pet stores, so the people that purchase the puppies have no idea what condition the parents that produced there new puppy are living in. Since little or no money is spent on veterinary care or food, then that means all the profit goes directly into the puppy mill owner's pocket.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP PUT PLACES LIKE THIS OUT OF BUSINESS? Be sure to never buy a puppy unless you are able to see the parents and where they live. If the seller wants to meet you somewhere... recognize that as a huge red flag. Educate your friends and family to do the same. If no one bought the puppies, then the puppy mill owners would close up shop. Even better, don't buy... ADOPT!!!

WHAT ABOUT HOME BREEDERS? When looking for a new dog, many people choose to open their local newspaper to search for their new pet. These breeders are usually one of two people... either they are looking for some extra income or they just want to have the joy of seeing their dog give birth and raise puppies. Unfortunately this usually means that less than quality dogs are being bred just for their owner's sake. Don't be fooled by claims of registration papers or championship bloodlines! Registration papers mean nothing. They do not gaurantee the quality of the parents. Breeders who breed true championship bloodlines have the pedigrees with generations of champions to back them up and they do not need to advertise in papers. Their puppies are sold before they are born. We do support responsible breeders who show their dogs to earn their championships, test them for genetic flaws, and breed with the goal of perfecting their breed. These breeders make little to no money because of all the money that is spent on show entries, vet bills, and high quality food. If you are looking for a dog to show, then contact these breeders. If you are looking for a family member, steer away from breeders. There are too many dogs dying in shelters and stray on the streets... puppies included. You can find pure bred dogs in rescue organizations and shelters. If you were able to trace their origins, they probably came from newspaper breeders in the first place. Do not pay someone to overpopulate our world with more dogs... SAVE A LIFE THROUGH ADOPTION.

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO TO HELP CONTROL THE PET POPULATION? Bob Barker is right, have your pet spayed or neutered. You don't have to visit you local shelter to see that there are too many mixed breed dogs out there. None of these dogs where planned, but an unaltered dog has a way of finding a mate, no matter the obstacle. Besides controlling the population, spaying or neutering your dog makes them more loyal to you. The instinct to breed is number drive of any animal. Be your dog's first priority, SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!

NOT READY FOR A NEW DOG? Help us by donating to our medical bills. All of these dogs rescued from the puppy mill need to be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, some will need their teeth cleened and some extracted, and many of them will need to be treated for heartworms. Their adoption fees will not even come close to covering their medical costs. Every dollar donated goes directly to our vet bills.

We would like to send out our thanks to the entire staff at Elmore Veterinary Clinic in Southaven, MS for caring for all of our dogs medical needs. Without their help, we could not rescue as many dogs as we do.

To make a donation, please email for more information on where to mail your donation.

Who We Are

Mostly Beagles Rescue was formed to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home beagles that are in local shelters, surrendered by their owners, or found as strays. While our members have been involved in all breed rescue for many years, we decided that we would follow our hearts and help our number one favorite breed, the beagle. We did name it Mostly Beagles because we do occasionally find a non-beagle that we cannot pass up. Unfortunately we are a purebred rescue. Due to extreme overpopulation, we are not able to help all of the beagles in our area, so we simply cannot offer help to mix breeds as well. All of our dogs are temperament tested, fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, on heartworm preventative (or if necessary treated for heartworms), and receive basic obedience training. In addition to helping homeless dogs find new homes, another primary goal we have is working on public awareness of heartworm prevention, spaying & neutering, and behavior training. Our goal is to reduce the number of unwanted litters, strays on the streets or in shelters, and owner surrender dogs.

Meet our Beagles!

Mostly Beagles Rescue is not a shelter. All our beagles are living in foster homes waiting for a forever home.
Our beagles are available for a meeting by appointment or you may come to one of our scheduled adoption events.

We are currently collecting new and gently used dog items such as dog houses, crates, metal bowls, toys, collars, beds, towels, and blankets. We also appreciate donations of treats, food, flea and tick prevention, and heartworm prevention. Please contact to donate your items.

Volunteers and temporary foster homes are always needed.
Please consider offering your time to help a rescued beagle.

Often Mostly Beagles must turn away beagles due to lack of space in foster care.
Because of this, many beagles placed in local animal shelters will never find their way out.

Foster families are so very important to the work of rescue. Fostering beagles is good for you too !
You will have a continuous source of unconditional love.
You will discover a world of precious personalities.
You will see how much you are really needed.

If you choose to foster, Mostly Beagles will pay all of the expenses involved for medical care, heartworm preventative and even food.

Remember, fostering a beagle SAVES A LIFE !

Complete our volunteer form and we will contact you!

Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission--to be of service to them wherever they require it. -- Francis of Assisi

Adopt a beagle, and get a Friend for Life!

Loving persons and families that will devote time, energy, patience,

and especially love to train and care for a beagle.

If that describes you, and you want to adopt a beagle, then the following adoption process will apply:

To begin the adoption process, please click here to complete our adoption application.

A yard with at least a 4-foot high fence is required. Some beagles require a higher fence or particular types of fences, because they are jumpers, climbers, and/or diggers. Sorry, no invisible fences. Beagles do not respond to the correction of a collar when in pursuit of ... well... pretty much anything they set their little hearts on trying to catch.

A home visit by a Mostly Beagles volunteer will be conducted prior to the adoption.

Your adoption donation helps us cover our costs of spaying and neutering, vaccinating, and other medical care we provide the dog. Puppies up to 12 months old are $150, dogs 1-6 years old are $125, and senior dogs over 7 are $100. For some dogs, such as those that must be treated for heartworms before they are adoptable, your adoption fee does not come close to covering all of the expenses for the dog.

All adopters are required to sign our Adoption Contract.

Every dog adopted from Mostly Beagles receives, at no extra cost, the benefit of a private obedience lesson for the dog and new owner AND a discount on all boarding in the future with Good Dog University, based in Olive Branch.

Mostly Beagles Rescue
Please note that we are a volunteer only organization.


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