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Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship

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Who We Are

Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship is an organization that was formed in 2001. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ARRF is dedicated to helping dogs and puppies located in the Washington County, Leland Mississippi area. Specifically, ARRF dedicates its resources to the abandoned and neglected animals at the Leland Animal Shelter. The organization has a very small group of volunteers. YOUR donations help us pay for dog food, medical supplies, and veterinary expenses. There is NO city allowance for dog food. The only money allocated by the city and county is strictly designated for the animal control officer’s salary, maintenance of his city vehicle, and salary for a 20-hour per week worker to clean dog runs and feed the animals six days a week. There is no public access to the Leland shelter. You can click here to view the photos of the shelter. ARRF has provided buckets for water, bowls for food, hoses to clean dog runs, dog houses for shelter, dog food to feed the animals, industrial fans for use in the HOT days of summer, gas for heating in the winter, blankets for the animals in the outside dog runs. ARRF has also paid for pouring of concrete, fencing, and roofing for ALL outside dog runs. ARRF pays for ALL vaccines and syringes used to vaccinate the puppies and dogs to help prevent outbreaks of distemper and parvo at the shelter. The washing machine and dryer to launder dog blankets were obtained through ARRF. WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT THROUGH DONATIONS, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE.


The mission of Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship, an all-volunteer organization, is to provide responsible, humane care and treatment of animals from the city of Leland and the surrounding unincorporated county area. Our goals to achieve this purpose are:
 To provide medical treatment for all animals in our care that are sick or injured
 To operate an adoption program which places all adoptable animals in responsible, loving homes
 To make sure that all animals in our care are spayed or neutered before going into an adoptive home unless they are too young for the procedure
 To follow up with adoptive parents of unaltered puppies to make sure they are spayed or neutered at the appropriate time
 To help facilitate a low cost spay and neuter program for area residents in need
 To humanely euthanize, and only when necessary, those animals that are not deemed adoptable by a majority of Board Members. Euthanasia will be performed according to the guidelines of the Humane Society of the United States
 To educate people of all ages regarding the humane treatment of animals
 To build a state-of-the-art animal shelter in an accessible location which will also serve as a model for other shelters to follow in handling lost, unwanted, neglected or abandoned animals.
 To maintain a website on which pictures and information about animals ready for adoption are posted, including complimentary postings for area residents’ personal pets

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

Adopting a friend

Call or email for information about adopting a pet!

Wish List Items:

A Flip Camera to take movies of the dogs so they can be posted on Youtube

Gift Cards for supplies:
Lowes, Walmart, Petsmart, Petco, gas cards
For Dogs and Puppies:
Igloo dog houses, all sizes, Dog collars and leashes, Kuranda dog beds (, Sheepskin for crates or carriers, dog toys, treats, knuckle bones, and bully sticks (NO rawhide please), training treats
Kennel Needs:
Food Containers- Stainless Steel, 2 and 6 quart buckets, Cleaning supplies
Comforters, warm and cozy blankets, Advantage or Frontline Flea Preventative, Postage Stamps, Large and Padded envelopes, Laser printer paper, Photo Paper, Working lap top
Riding lawn mower, Animal Transport Van

Come Visit Us!

Visits are by appiontment only. We are an all volunteer organization so please understand most visits are on the week-end.
Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship

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