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Please visit our homepage at homelessanimalsreliefproject.org The Homeless Animals Relief Project (HARP)'s MISSION IS SPAY/NEUTER to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals. We offer spay/neuter surgery to animals living with the poor, and to feral cats. This birth control surgery stops cats and dogs from littering, suffering, and it reduces pet overpopulation. Cats and dogs become better pets, and their health is improved after surgery. Remember, no dog or cat can choose to stop littering or stop fighting for breeding rights. Only we can bring that peace to our animals, and responsible pet owners do! Our small all volunteer organization offers free or very low-cost (a small co-pay) spay/neuter for ferals (free roaming, unsocialized cats) and cats or dogs living with low income people; proof of income eligibility is required. We've brought over 10,000 dogs and cats from Tate and surrounding counties to the surgeon's table for spay/neuter and vaccination, thereby saving the lives and stopping the suffering of millions of unwanted animals.

HOWEVER, HARP DOESN'T OPERATE A SHELTER OR SANCTUARY OR ADOPTION FACILITY. WE DEEPLY REGRET THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT UNWANTED ANIMALS OR STRAYS. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY FACILITY TO HOUSE HOMELESS ANIMALS. HARP IS NOT A RESCUE GROUP. We are not trained animal control officers and so WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PICK UP STRAY OR WILD DOGS. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RESPOND TO CALLS OR EMAILS WANTING TO "GET RID OF" UNWANTED ANIMALS OR ASKING HARP TO TAKE ANIMALS YOU HAVE RESCUED BUT CAN'T KEEP. Call your city or county government office or your veterinarian for assistance with these concerns. If you're looking for free or low-cost spay/neuter in another state, a Google search will turn up resources for you. If you're not low-income but still can't afford spay/neuter in a full-service veterinary clinic, you may qualify for reduced cost spay/neuter for your pets by calling MS SPAN at 866-901-7729. We primarily serve residents of Tate County and Quitman County. Other nearby counties have humane societies and rescue groups that you should first contact for help with spay/neuter.


Free Spay/Neuter Surgery for cats and dogs living with low income people! Prevent animal overpopulation and stop the suffering of unwanted animals! HARP offers spay/neuter surgery for dogs at no charge to the poor (although we do ask that dog and cat owners contribute what they can for this professional care). The birth control surgery stops unwanted litters, improves animal health, and makes our community safer. Call if you or someone you know has a dog or cat and cannot afford this procedure. We do not--with rare exception--offer free spay neuter surgery to purchased animals, to purebreds, or to tiny/small breeds such as Chihuahuas or Terriers. If you are unable to provide this basic care for this type dog, we can help you place that animal with a home that can. Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats, and small or tiny dogs are highly adoptable; they are rarely if ever destroyed in shelters. We target mixed breed and medium to large size dogs who have large litters that are hard or impossible to place in responsible, lifetime homes. If you are feeding feral cats, please get them fixed. If you can't afford it, call us. We can help. If you know of low income pet owners who cannot afford to provide basic care to their animals, please contact us.

***************Spay Days***************

Our all volunteer team of veterinarians and student veterinarians will spay and neuter pets at no charge to low income owners or feral cat colony caregivers! Call us if you are low income and cannot afford to have this lifesaving procedure performed for your cats and dogs, or if you know of feral (wild, free roaming cats) who need this help.

Adopting a friend

Please don't breed or buy while homeless animals die! Eight million American dogs and cats will be killed this year because no one wants them. Over 1/3 of those will be purebred animals. Even the ones that aren't purebred are pure fun! Find the pet of your dreams at a municipal shelter or a private rescue group!

While we are not a rescue group and do not have a shelter, we do occasionally offer dogs and cats for adoption. All animals adopted from HARP have been spayed or neutered and are vet-checked for health. Because all animals are unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that every animal placed will be suitable for the home into which it is adopted. You should consider your circumstances and your experience with cats and dogs before you commit to an adoption. We'll do our best to help you make a perfect match with a pet that fits your lifestyle, your family, and your home. Without exception, no cat or dog is released until it has been altered. HARP's adoption fee is $100 for a dog and $50 for one cat or $85 for two cats. This makes your adopted pet cheaper than 'free to a good home' animals, because the adoption fee includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and FIV/leukemia or heartworm tests. We adopt out animals to lifetime loving homes. Please consider carefully the needs of an animal you plan to adopt. Dogs and cats can live for 10, 15, even 20 years. Will you be able to keep the pet through moves, job losses, or job changes? Will you be able to afford their care? Dogs cost from $200 to $1000/year to keep, depending on size. Cats cost from $100 to $200 per year to keep. We strongly discourage declawing cats, which is an exquisitely painful amputation through the bones, nerves, and tendons at the end of the cat's feet. We can help you with alternatives to these amputations, including claw covers and training. To learn more about declawing, visit www.pawproject.org or view other declawing websites.

Minimum adoption requirements

You should live within 100 miles of Memphis; this is to reduce travel stress for the animal. With our vet's approval we may make an exception to this guideline.

You must be 18 or have parental approval to adopt.

You will need to provide a vet reference; if you've never had a pet before, you may provide a personal reference.

You should have a fenced yard to adopt a dog.

You should be prepared to spend about $100-200/year to feed, vaccinate, and shelter a cat. Dogs cost at least $200/year for food, routine vet care, heartworm preventive/vaccinations. Large breed dogs can cost over $1000/year in food, housing, veterinary care, and parasite control.

Cats and dogs adopted as pets for children have the highest adoption failure and return/surrender rate nationwide. For this reason, if you're looking for a pet for a child, we ask you to please carefully consider the child's age and ability to interact with and care for a pet. Also consider the amount of adult supervision available to care for the pet over its lifetime, which can be 15-20 years. Research shows that children under the age of 6 find it easier to interact with and enjoy a mature, calm, settled adult animal, rather than a pup or kitten who is easily frightened and is more vulnerable.

We do not adopt out cats or dogs to be given as surprises. The intended recipient should want a pet and must have thought through the obligations involved in caring for a pet over its lifetime.

If you're interested in adopting a dog or cat, please email your contact information so a volunteer can call you, or call us at 662-292-0922 and leave a message.

How You Can Help The Homeless

If you are at least 18 and you'd like to volunteer, please email or call. Periodically we need foster homes (usually about 2-4 weeks) for kittens. We need assistance at our spay/neuter events also. And of course, if you're a veterinarian, you know how much these animals need your help, so please consider donating some of your time, to give back to the animals. We can always use discarded but clean and unused medical supplies such as bandages, suture, gloves, and drapes. If you'd like to help homeless animals but simply have no more room in your home to take in another, consider sponsoring a homeless animal such as a feral cat or a community dog here in rural MS. Your gift of just $10 will provide food, shelter, and basic health care for a homeless dog or cat for one month. You'll get a photo of your sponsored animal, and periodic updates on your friend's status. It's a great way to help when you feel there's nothing you can do!

Our Wish List

Pet crates and cages; dog houses

Cat, kitten, puppy, and dog food

Collars & leashes.

Donations. Thanks for visiting our site and giving hope to the homeless!

Homeless Animals Relief Project
P. O. Box 371

Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: 662-292-0922

Email: homelessanimals@aol.com
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