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Because of the potential snow storm coming to the Mukwonago, WI areas...we are EXTENDING our adoption event.
We will show dogs from 5-8pm on Thursday, the 15th, from 10-4 on Friday the 16th and Saturday, the 17th...also from 10-4

If you have further questions or need information, please TEXT (too busy for phone calls) Wendy at 901-598-0586 OR Stephanie at 262-968-3858

 We are at 776 Swan Drive, Mukwonago. We are there from 10 - 4

HOOVERS HAUSE IS TRYING TO SAVE AS MANY DOGS FROM CERTAIN DEATH IN OUR OVER CROWDED KILL SHELTERS. All shelters in the southern states are KILL shelters, with over 90% of all dogs surrendered or stray will be killed simply because of over population!

We are also based in Quitman County, MS...where there is NO Animal Control, so we rescue MANY dogs and puppies from the streets, a life of starving and breeding and families that surrender to us.






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 Call 262-888-0046 for information on the EVENT! THANK YOU!

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Welcome to Hoovers Hause All Dog Rescue!


After fostering for years, my dream has finally come true. Hoover's Hause was started! We moved to a very small town, Crenshaw, MS. We have around 700 people and probably 2000 dogs.

Dogs, dogs and more dogs everywhere! 95% heartworm positive, uncared for, mangy, flea and tick ridden and starving. There is NO animal shelter, pound, animal control and the police don't care. People know this and will purposely "dump" their dogs here! The only person in the ENTIRE county that they have to call on is ME! Hoover's Hause tries to save as many as possible, but we need financial support! We appreciate any donation...even $1 adds up! THANK YOU!


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