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We are heartbroken to report that our Molly, icon of this rescue, is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, having passed away in the loving arms of this rescuer at 5:50 Thursday morning, May 30, 2013.  Molly was also one of our rescues, found hungry, emaciated, and begging for help in August, 2009, with incisors ground to the gum line where she had tried so hard to gnaw her way out of chains, teeth in such terrible shape they threatened internal organ health, bearing the scars of a once embedded collar, and hairless and callus ridden elbows where she had spent way too much time on concrete.  From "hello" I knew she would never be put up for adoption, because we bonded instantly--that all too often once in a lifetime attraction IF you're lucky to experience it at all.  She wanted so to live and put her abused and neglected past behind her, loving the comforts of her new home, getting to go to work with her daddy to greet his clients, and comforting and welcoming so many other rescues who came after her and helping them adjust to life with love and respect from humans.  And, live Molly did, even though she was likely 7 years old at time of intake.  She frolicked in our backyard and held her own with pups and furkids much younger than she.  She had a difficult first year, being heartworm positive (high +), having a mammary gland tumor that turned out to be malignant, and showing signs of "wobbler's disease," with which she also was positively diagnosed.  But, she conquered ALL of those things to live her next 3 years here with us as she thrived with good health and basked in the sunshine of immeasurable love from us, her chosen family, that is until she was diagnosed with mast cell tumors.  We were infinitely BLESSED to be her family!  We thank God she chose us to help her forget her past and blossom into a stunning beauty, inside and out.  She blessed each and every day of our 4 years with her.  We miss her, will always miss her, love her, will always love her!  What a fantastic ambassador for her breed, a bully breed, my Rottie girl!  Romp in the meadows by the Bridge, my beloved Molly Bear; roll in the green grasses as you did in your backyard here, befriend all the squirrels you chased here, and take the time in your new world to smell ALL the roses, just as you did in this world.  Heaven truly gained an angel when you left us May 30th!  Thank you for rescuing us from our empty nest!  We are blessed that you loved us just as we will always love you!  We await joining you at the Bridge when our time here is done. 



Lacey was discovered abandoned, along with whom we believe to be her two sons, Lonnie and Landon, in a ditch running beside a lonely, country road in Mississippi in mid-August, 2011.  Castaways for being no longer useful, they were frightened, hungry, wet from the rain, and emaciated beyond belief.  Their touching stories can be found in our Happy Tails.  We were very concerned, especially for Lacey, at least 10 years old at the time.  But, all survived and thrived in loving care, and became handsome/beautiful companions.  Lacey, in spite of being a senior girl battling congestive heart failure after heartworm treatment, was the first to be adopted.  Tanya and Lacey's new sister, senior Beagle Flossy, were looking for a beautiful senior girl to add to their family.  No one could ask for a better mom and sister than Lacey found in Tanya and Flossy.  In her last years, Lacey was spoiled beyond belief!  Actually, spoiled doesn't begin to describe it!  Lacey just recently succumbed to cancer and is now playing in the meadows and waiting at the Bridge, together with our Molly.  We are so very grateful to you, Tanya and Flossy, for accepting the health challenge Lacey was to prove to be and for valuing her for the first time in her long life.  You gave her two good years of unimaginable love.  She died in peace in your arms knowing she had the very best in life!  God bless you both!  Fly high, dear Lacey!  



If you're thinking of something special you could give of yourself to others, we are always in need of foster homes.  To foster a rescued dog is giving the gift of life to that dog and to another who could otherwise not be rescued until the other is placed in a safe, loving home.  Saving one is really saving two.  It feels GREAT to save a life!  Grace Rescue provides all funding, all meds if needed, all food, all everything to its foster parents.  The experience gives a foster parent rewards far greater than those given by fostering.  Yes, it is difficult to give them up when their time comes to go to their forever homes, but there is always another waiting in dire need who will steal your heart.  Please consider opening your home as a foster parent. You will be sooo glad you did!  And, it will mean the world to that foster dog! 

Adopting A Friend

Many of our dogs have not had the best start in life.  Some have been abandoned by their owners who are no longer in a position to care for their pets (job loss, loss of home, divorce, owner passing away or moving to nursing home, etc.) or who no longer want the responsibility of caring for their pets.  Our first obligation is, understandably, to our companion animals, and our adoption application, as well as adoption contract, are for the protection of our adoptive animals.  We appreciate your understanding as you make your way through the adoption application and process.

We, also, believe that education is a vehicle to promote better understanding of the responsibilities involved with adopting a family pet.  Serious consideration should be given to financial posturing and the time your companion animal will be left home alone while you are away at work, as well as what you will do with your pet during times of vacation or family emergencies.   

Believing that spay/neuter is one of the most important ways we can reduce the overwhelming number of homeless animals in the south, we will see that our companion animals are spayed/neutered before adoption is finalized.  All will also be up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations. 

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers and passionate animal lovers who are interested in finding wonderful homes for the many adoptable dogs in the south who, by no fault of their own, find themselves on the streets or in shelters without loving families to care for them.  We seek to appropriately match our dogs with the right family, willing to make a life-time commitment to the care of a companion animal. 

We are an approved Federal 501(c)(3) charitable organization and, as such, all of your donations are eligible to be reported as income tax deductions.  A written statement of your contribution will be provided to you for tax purposes. 

In the placement of our puppies and dogs, we often partner with approved northern rescues who share our commitment to reduce the number of highly adoptable dogs being put to sleep in southern shelters, so we are rescue friendly.  Please contact us if you are a legitimate rescue and wish to establish a partnering relationship with us to place our dogs.

Come Visit Us

We do not have a physical shelter.  Our companion animals are fostered as indoor pets in loving, private homes.  Please contact us at dmoore2003@bellsouth.net if you wish to meet any of our adoptable companion animals. 

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