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Dark Horse Rescue, Inc. is still seeking Spring/Summer pasture for our horses while we build a bridge and fencing to a larger pasture at our DHR barn. If you know of someone who has a temporary pasture/barn for our DHR horses, please send their contact info to info@darkhorserescue.org. It's through our community supporters we are able to help our equine friends in rehabilitating them and finding them forever homes.

DHR is a 501c3 non-profit corporation which enables us to expand our fundraising efforts by seeking grants and other funding opportunities.


We have a lot of activities planned over the next few months including additional updates on our website at www.darkhorserescue.org, fundraising activities, volunteer/training meetings, and establishing a new company store all of which support DHR.

Adopting A Friend

It is all about the horses.

We provide care and shelter: from the smallest to the largest, newborn to the elderly, no matter what the breed. At DHR, it doesn’t matter to us as we are committed to all things equine.

Adoption can be one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences of your life. We have horses that are rideable in all disciplines, as well as non-rideable horses that can fill the much needed job of companion, acting as friends for other horses. Here at DHR we believe that every horse should be loved and valued.

Open your heart to a DHR horse, and adopt a partner for life!

Who We Are

DHR is a 100% volunteer organization committed to the rescue of abused, neglected and abandoned horses in the greater Mid-South area. In pursuit of our mission, DHR is dedicated to providing the following:

  • Provide shelter, rehabilitation, care and adoption services for surrendered and legally impounded horses entrusted to our care.
  • Facilitate the surrender of horses referred by Animal Control Officers due to owner neglect or abandonment.
  • Facilitate the surrender of horses by owners who are no longer able to provide adequate care for their equines.
  • Educational resource on proper equine care and the responsibility of horse ownership.

Come Visit Us

Visit our website at www.darkhorserescue.org and click on Contact Us to schedule a visit at our DHR barn.

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