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About Madison Ark

The Madison Ark (Animal Rescue Kennel) is a compassionate no kill rescue for homeless animals in the Madison-Jackson (tri-county area), in Mississippi.


Madison Ark Rescues AnimalsThe mission of the Madison ARK is to rescue and provide a safe haven (offering quality food, shelter, and medical attention) for homeless dogs and cats. The Madison ARK is a privately funded nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to rescuing animals in the Madison MS area.

Company Overview

The Madison Ark works to place pets with loving owners. With the help of local veterinarians and countless volunteers, we aim to help animals in need by giving them a safe and healthy environment until they are placed in a forever home of their own.

The Madison Ark Rescue consists of a large network of foster homes providing a safe haven for homeless dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens until they are adopted into their new forever home.

Adoption Drives

We can often be found at Petsmart in Flowood or Hollywood Feed in Ridgeland on Saturday or Sundays. Feel free to call us at 601-790-1PET to see if we will be there this weekend.

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Wish List:
* Pedigree or IAMs dry dog and puppy food * Washing Detergent
* Cleaning supplies (bleach, lemon lysol, paper towels, mops, brooms, heavy duty garbage bags
* Pedigree Canned Puppy Food
* Puppy and Dog toys (Rawhide)
* Crates and Kennels (Wire or Airline)

Please visit our website for more information or to donate online....

Monetary donations are always needed to help us continue to care for our animals as well. Checks can be mailed to:
Madison Ark
PO BOX 2936
Madison, MS 39130
***All donations are 100% tax deductible. A receipt will be given at the time of pick up. Please call 601-790-1PET to schedule a pick up for donations. We will come to you!
Once again, thank you all for the continued support. Because of you, we are one step closer to finding every homeless dog and cat in the Madison area a forever home!

A Happy Tail

Boudreaux the Tail-less Cat
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When our eight-year-old cat died unexpectedly, I told my girls that we would never get another cat. I just didn’t want to get so attached to a pet and risk the hurt of going through that kind of loss again. But like a lot of people, as time went by, I remembered why we had a cat in the first place – they were entertaining, easy to care for, and loveable companions. I also knew it wasn’t right to deny a needy animal a good home when we were perfectly capable of loving one.

My daughter and her friends took donations for Madison ARK at their birthday party, so I had to go there and deliver the money and pet food. I had never been to Madison ARK, but once we got there it didn’t take long to realize that we were missing a pet in our family. I told my daughters that MAYBE we would come back and get a cat soon.

The next week, we came back and just looked. We didn’t pick out a pet. I thought I wanted a cat similar to the one we had lost, so I was looking for a black and white cat. My girls both wanted something totally different from our previous cat. They had their eye on a Manx grey and white kitten. I thought he was weird looking…he had no tail! But the second time we went back, I noticed that he was the most curious and playful of the whole bunch. I decided to go with the girls, and we took the Manx home and named him “Boudreaux”. Without a doubt, he is very entertaining. He makes me laugh every day. I am so glad that we decided to open our hearts up to a pet that needed us. It turns out we needed him too.

Since we adopted Boudreaux, my girls have started volunteering at the Madison ARK. They wash animals, play with cats, and walk dogs. It’s great for them and the pets. Madison ARK is a wonderful facility and Boudreaux is a great pet! ---Jennifer from Madison

Have a Happy Tail that you would like to share? Simply send us your story and a picture! Visit out website to submit yor story:  
Madison Ark
P.O. Box 2936

Madison, MS 39130
Phone: 601-720-3212

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