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New things are always in the works at this small rural shelter. We gather donated items throughout the month and hold our monthly yard sale on the first Friday & Saturday of each month to help with the expense of our pet food & our medications. This is a major fundraiser for us throughout the year. We are in the process of finishing our "cat house." It will be called "Roy's Cat House" in honor of the 73 year old man, Mr. Roy Pounders, who was one of the original builders of our first shelter building. Roy has passed, but we are doing our very best to fulfill his dream of giving the cats their own building and fenced yard where they can be free of the small cages and saunter about as cats love to do. When completed, the cats, after coming out of their 2 week quarantine will have free run of the 10 x 16 building complete with furniture and a front porch. It will be as close to home as they can get, without having a family of their own. We are also planning an upcoming fundraiser to build an exercise area for our dogs & puppies. At this time, all of our runs are full and there is no place left for our canines to get out and be DOGS. Running, tugging, rolling, yapping happy dogs! We need to begin on this project in 2012 and pray that we can raise enough support to complete it within the year. We are excited as we work on these plans, because we know it will give our dogs the daily exercise that they are missing out on now.

Who We Are

We are locally know as "The Little Shelter That Could." Located in Aberdeen, Mississippi, we are a very small group of volunteers, who saw a very large need for a safe haven for the overflow of animals in our hometown. Initially coming together in 2005 in what was the city's old kill pound, we knew that change was needed. We now have a building built for the mere sum of $12,000.00, which was all that our Board of Alderman would approve. The average age of the men who built our shelter was 74 years old! These men begged, borrowed, sweat, strived & cried together to erect our shelter. All of our animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated & dewormed before being available for adoption. We are blessed with the help of The College of Veterinary Medicine of Mississippi State, whose mobile unit comes to our shelter once a month to make this possible.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption process is pretty straight forward and to the point. We do ask for your veterinarian reference, we do have you fill out an adoption form, we ask you to pet or hold the animal that catches your eye. See if it feels right! We also want you to know, that should the pet not work out for you, for any reason, we want you to bring it back to us. We love our animals and we want them to be happy. If you aren't, then neither are they. We already know them and they know us, that makes going back easier than being dropped off at a different shelter. Our adoption fees are $25.00 for adult cats, $30.00 for kittens and $50.00 for dogs. Again, all animals leave spayed/neutered, vaccinated & dewormed. Please bring whatever you might need should you decide to adopt a pet. A leash for a dog, an old blanket for the ride home, a crate or a secure box for your feline friend.

Come Visit Us!

. Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 7:00am until 3:00pm. Wednesday 7:00am until 11:00am. We do not have week-end hours. Our shelter: 662-369-2188. Our address is Roy Pounders Drive. We are also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aberdeenanimalshelter.
Aberdeen Animal Shelter
201 Roy Pounders Drive
Aberdeen, MS 39730

Phone: 662-369-2188

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