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It is the Mission of ARF to provide shelter and sanctuary to abandoned, abused and neglected companion animals awaiting adoption in Mississippi, focusing on the metropolitan tri-county area.   

We rescue, rehabilitate and socialize our rescues, instill the animals ability to trust, love and be loved either again or for the first time.  

Hinds County, where ARF is located, has one of the highest number of animal control pick ups in the State, and within 5 days, a very high number of these animals are euthanized.  The organization wishes to make a change in the reality of this as well as in the mindset of a community who accepts this as a norm.  We wish to effect change through education and activism, as well as to provide an alternative to the only animal control option the community has had:  euthanization of stray and unwanted companion animals.  ARF strongly supports spay/neuter policies to reduce companion  animal over population and follows strict spay/neuter policies with its own animals pre-adoption.

IRS# 20-3311517

Adopting A Friend

Why should you consider adopting an animal?

Easy - there is a severe overpopulation problem of cats and dogs in our country. According to the Human Society of the United States, six to eight million dogs and cats enter shelters each year, and out of those, three to four million are euthanised. View source

There are simply too many animals. Why? Unwanted litters due to a failure to spay or neuter, backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

Why are so many of these animals unwanted? People get old or ill, face financial difficulties, or simply wind up with an animal they were not prepared for. These animals are abandoned or surrendered to shelters in the millions. Quite simply, if people had to get a license to avoid spay / neuter in order to properly breed dogs, and if people needed a license proving they were sound pet owners before they were allowed to acquire one, we would not have this problem.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

When you adopt an animal and then spay or neuter, you are removing one factor of the problem. Additionally, when you adopt, you make room for another rescue to come in off the streets. being a no-kill shelter means if a dog or cat is not adopted then that space is not available for the next companion animal out there needing our help. Wouldn't you rather be a part of helping the homeless population rather than purpetuate the business of breeding for profit. Why support an industry of producing more animals when there are thousands of unhomed, unloved, confused strays out there just hoping and dreaming of having a chance at a safe - loving home.

When you acquire a dog or cat you have not researched and are not 100% committed to for the duration of that animal's life, or purchase from a pet shop or a disreputable breeder, you are adding to the problem (this is why most rescue groups require you to sign a document stating that if, for any reason, you must give up this animal - you return it to them).This is a rule of ARF's and a part of our CONTRACT. If you are not willing to agree to this term of our CONTRACT,then, please don't try to adopt from us. Additionally, if the animal is not spayed or neutered prior to adoption (this only happens if the companion animal is not old enough at time of adoption) you must agree to have the animal spayed/neutered when it comes of age. Again, if you are not willing to agree with this term of the CONTRACT, do not apply to adopt from us.

Who We Are

We work with other rescue organizations and persons involved in rescue  in the area in order to help the helpless.  If we at ARF don’t have the companion animal you are wanting to add to your family, we can guide you to CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption), Rescue Revolution, Jackson Friends, The Mississippi Animal Rescue League or other individual rescuers in the area.   Our goal, beside putting an end to unplanned, unwanted animals roaming the streets is to find GOOD, safe and loving homes to the animals already in shelters.  When one adopts rather than  buys an animal, a life is saved.  ADOPT rather than BUY please.

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