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We need more volunteers who would like to do what we do: walk the dogs at the shelter, help find homes, educate the public about our spay/neuter programs, get the cats to Petsmart, clean the cat cages at Petsmart. We need people who want to become proactive in the community as volunteers in our organization. We need people who are fearless about asking for monies for our adoption programs and city shelter needs and are not afraid to throw their selves amidst the eternal needs of homeless pets. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at jxnfriends@yahoo.com.

If you'd like to be pet person just for a little while as we try to find homes for the homeless you can be a foster parent. Fostering a dog or cat is a wonderful way to teach children how to help those in need and how to be responsible for the life of another living being. Also, to those of you who have just one dog and you fear that they are lonely while you are at work all day, nothing keeps your beloved lonely one company like a thankful and willing foster dog. If you would like to help, please contact Dell (769.823.9768) for cats and Lyn (601.405.2437) for dogs.

All city shelter dogs and cats are eligible for a free spay/neuter through our fine program with Jackson Friends and various vets in town.

Some of our longtime participating vets are Dr. Troy Majure and his rotating staff of wonderful vets at AMC (Animal Medical Center) and one of our long-standing clinics donating their time and talent to Jackson Friends is North State Animal Hospital. Two of our newest are Oakdale Vet Clinic and Forest Hill Vet Clinic. Dr. Jonathan Mitchell (with Forest Hill) is a very positive guy with a fine vet clinic. Also , All Creatures Great and Small in Madison has continued to be most generous with their time and talents with our program for quite a while. Dr. Glenn with the Hinds Community College Vet Tech program which spays and neuters our pets during the academic year. The person to call for spay/neuter for pound pets is Greg Rothe at 601-955-7357. We thank these vets for everything they have done for these many years for this community and applaud their loyalty to this fine program. We also highly recommend them for your other pets, too.

To make donations, send checks written out to Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 13486, Jackson, Mississippi 39236-3486.

Come Visit the City Animal Shelter at 140 Outer Circle!

Fees at the shelter are $50 for a dog, $40 for a puppy under three months, $20 for a cat, $10 for a kitten. All adoptions from the shelter come with a free/spay neuter from Jackson Friends. You can also adopt cats/kittens from our Jackson Friends kennels at Petsmart for $75 for one cat and $100 for two which includes spay/neuter. For animals who have been provided vet care by Jackson Friends, the adoption fee is $100 which also includes a free spay or neuter.

Shelter hours: 10 to 4 M-F for adoptions and 10 - 11:45 a.m. on Saturdays
8 to 4 for lost and found
10 - 12 Saturday mornings for volunteers socializing with dogs.

Need to talk to the City Animal Shelter -- call 601.960.1775. Questions about Jackson Friends? For cat questions call Dell at 769.823.9768. For dog questions call Lyn at 601.405.2437.

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