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Please help us vet Gracie & her pups so they can begin to go to new forever homes! Gracie was a stray bluetick coonhound that was about to whelp & had nowhere to go. Two days after we rescued her she had 12 surviving pups. Vet costs for 13 dogs adds up quick! Please go to our fundraiser & donate whatever you can. No amount is too small & any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Fundraiser for Gracie & Pups!

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For the Love of Paws K-9 Rescue is a small rescue I run out of my home. All my dogs are spayed / neutered, have all their vaccinations, are wormed & heartworm tested. They are also socialized with my family including my seven-year-old niece & several other dogs. All of them do pretty well on a leash (some better than others!) & are housebroken. I don't know how they'd do with cats as I'm allergic so there aren't any around. Adoption fee is $150 each unless otherwise noted. These are truly great dogs & I will only home to forever homes. There will also be an adoption application & contract to make sure they go to suitable homes. I will deliver in the general Springfield area up to about 30 miles out. I give all these babies lots of treats & spend one-on-one time with each of them every day, so they all come partially spoiled!!! I also post strays people have taken in & want to find homes for or dogs that need re-homing for various reasons, so please read the info for each dog we post. Any dogs adopted through For the Love of Paws will be fully vetted, but may not be housebroken, used to a leash, etc., & some things may just be unknown. Adoption fees will depend on what vetting is required.

Who We Are

I figured I should put my mission statement here, but Iím still really working on that because For the Love of Paws is at such an early stage of where I hope I can take it eventually. Someday youíll probably be able to come here & read my short paragraph about what our mission is, but that day isnít here yet. Instead, if you have a few minutes & youíre a true animal lover, let me tell you the story of how For the Love of Paws came to be. I spent my very early years on a farm in southwest Missouri. Iíve always loved animals but after my parents split up we had to move into town. My brother & I got puppies one year for Christmas, he a Basset Hound named Sammy Joe, me a Cocker Spaniel named Trixie. We didnít really give them proper attention & so both were given away; Sammy Joe went to my dad & stepmom, Trixy went to live on a farm. After that I tried pet fish (unlucky for them as they always died) & a couple hermit crabs (a subject I really donít want to talk about). My younger sister was always a big ďdog personĒ & while I really liked her dogs, they were just that Ė Cindyís dogs. Then Eddie found me on Thanksgiving 2001. He wandered into my momís yard to play with Cindyís Lab, Rebel. When we saw him outside later that night, it was cold & he seemed hungry & thirsty so my mom let us bring him in. I fully expected him to go right over & lay down next to Cindy with Rebel, but he didnít. He laid down right next to me instead. We never found his owners so I took him home. My apartment complex wouldn't allow him, so I bought him a house with a doggie door off the garage & fenced back yard & the rest is history. Eddie is now 13 & still one of my very best friends in the world. New Yearís Day 2002, Rebel had a seizure & died practically in my arms. My poor heartbroken sister was hysterical. We took him to my dadís in the country & buried him. If youíve ever even dug a big hole in Missouri, you know that took some time. It was a very sad day that will live with me forever. Fast forward about six & a half years. We got a white Husky mix puppy we named Kia. Kia was beautiful & a huge pain in the butt. By the time she was fully grown she could bail our chain link fence in two seconds easy. We started cabling her. We were getting ready to have her spayed when she went into heat. One morning she broke her cable & went on a short romp Ė but still long enough to get knocked up. I helped Kia birth her four big, beautiful puppies November 1, 2008. We found great homes for three & kept one. On July 9th of this year, Kia & Otter slipped out on me at about 7 am while I was making their breakfast. I always took their collars off at night so they wouldnít keep us awake & put them back on while they were eating breakfast, so they didnít have their collars on. As I yelled ďNo Kia! No Otter!Ē, I watched them run around the corner of the garage. That was the last time we ever saw them. We made posters; we posted online; we checked Animal Control every day; we went to the Humane Society & CARE; we even made a 4íx 3í plywood sandwich-board sign with neon posterboard & 8x10 color pictures we set up at Walmart. We had tons of calls & leads, but none turned out to be them. I was devastated. While looking for Kia & Otter, I realized what a terrible pet overpopulation problem we have here in Missouri, especially southwest Missouri. Our state laws do nothing to keep these problems from getting worse, & it continues to do so every day. Iíd thought for a while Iíd like to work with dogs (I love DogTown; someday I will vacation there!), but when I realized what dire need our dogs are in in this area, I felt it was time I started to act on at least some level, no matter how small. And thus was born For the Love of Paws K-9 Rescue! Many people have asked why I donít do cats, too, & my answer is simple; if I touch a cat my eyes swell shut & I break out in hives. So nothing personal to cats Ė they & my body just arenít agreeable! For the Love of Paws is truly, plainly & simply a labor of love for me. My first four rescues that I also fostered Ė Alice, Lou, Punky, & Jett Ė will forever be in my heart, as Iím sure all my dogs will. Iím such a softie I canít even bring myself to give up Lou; she is one of my soulmates & I couldnít imagine life without her after one month! So thatís how For the Love of Paws came to be. I hope youíve enjoyed the story of our journey & can appreciate what I give to each of my rescues & what I expect out of every forever home for them. I believe an animal can offer a person something they canít get from other human beings; in my eyes they are a gift to us all. Our society has created a problem with pet overpopulation & I will do whatever I can to help save & properly home animals other people throw away. My goal is to know & understand each dog that comes under my care. If I can succeed in that goal, I can help those dogs begin to build confidence & learn how to love & trust people, some of them for the first time, and some sadly enough, again. So I guess thereís my mission statement; itís just a little longer than most! In closing, I beg you to always consider adopting before buying. In the heart of every stray is the singular desire to be loved.

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