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We have some amazing dogs available for adoption! Be sure to check out our petfinder page for a full list - all ages, gender, breeds, and personalities to ensure we have the right dog for you and your family!!


295, 723 - the number of dogs that ended up in animal control/shelters in Missouri in 2008 alone 193,001 - the number of dogs that ended up in animal control/shelters in Missouri in 2007 102,722 - the increased number of dogs that ended up on animal control death row in 2008 vs. 2007 2,326 - the number of additional adoptions vs. the 102,722 increase in death row dogs 70-90% - the euthanization rate for surrounding animal control facilities in our area -Black dogs are the last to be adopted statistically. -Pitbulls are the first to be euthanized. -Of the 74.8 million dogs in the U.S., only 10% were adopted. -Pitbulls test better on a temperament test than border collies. -Cocker spaniels have the highest number of recorded bite cases.

Who We Are

The Killuminati Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, but we did not begin as a rescue group; however, we’ve responded to the need.

The three animal control locations with the highest euthanization rates in the state (ranging from 70-90% each) are all located within about an hour and a half from us. The Killuminati Foundation tries to focus on locations with high euthanization rates, and the dogs that typically don’t stand a chance once they are in animal control – IE, the black dogs, the injured/sick dogs, and pitbulls. We want to help all dogs by getting them healthy, rehabilitated, and adopted into their forever homes to live a long, happy life.

All of our dogs get a full check up from our vet (Galloway Village Vet) and are up to date on shots including rabies if old enough, spayed/neutered, started in advantage multi for flea, tick, and heartworm preventative, get antibiotics (if needed), xrays (if needed), etc. The adoption donation isn't for th dog - it is to reimburse some of the vet costs we incur to save these amazing pups!

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Adopting a friend

Are you looking to complete your family with the perfect dog? Adopt a Killuminati foster baby!! For a full list of available dogs looking for homes, click on the Available Dogs tab at the top of this page. We do take special requests if you are looking for a specific dog….you can email with your breed, size, age, and gender preference - the more information you can provide the better!

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All of our dogs are in foster homes which is a great advantage because we know all about their personalities and how they are in certain situations to ensure we can fit the right dog with your family and lifestyle. Our foster homes also offer very happy, safe, and healthy environments where they can get one on one attention, affection, and training to work on manners and potty training. To meet one of the Killuminati foster babies, please email for more information.
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