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The Higginsville Missouri Animal Clinic is used as the impound facility for the City of Higginsville. All stray animals are transported by Animal Control to the Higginsville Missouri Animal Clinic and are held for a period of 8 days at which time (if unclaimed by the owner) will made available for adoption or placement with animal rescue organizations.

THE STAFF AT THIS TINY RURAL CLINIC IS ALWAYS HAPPY TO MEET WITH NEW PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE FAMILIES AND ARE VERY RESCUE FRIENDLY! They lovingly care for the animals brought to them as long as humanely possible, even after Animal Control no longer pays boarding, and do everything in their power to find loving forever homes or place these deserving orphans in adoption programs with rescue organizations.

However, this is a very tiny rural clinic, with very limited space to care for the lost and abandoned animals. As heartbreaking as it can be, it is not always possible to care for them until a loving forever family is found or they can be placed in adoption programs with rescue organizations. Secondly, animals who are kenneled in a cramped environment long term can become very stressed, making it cruel and even inhumane to keep them kenneled for months on end. For this reason, THIS VERY RESCUE FRIENDLY CLINIC DEPENDS ON LOVING ADOPTIVE FAMILIES AND RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS to offer these sweet orphans a chance at a 2nd chance!

PLEASE CALL THE CLINIC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you or anyone you know can help the clinic staff place any of these sweet little orphans in loving forever homes!!


NOTE: Because these animals are currently in a kennel vs home environment, it is impossible to know with certainty if an individual animal is house trained, good with children, good with other pets, etc., however the clinic staff does their very best to evaluate them prior to adoption or placement with rescue organizations.

ADULT DOGS USUALLY HOUSE TRAIN MUCH MORE QUICKLY THAN A PUPPY because an adult dog has a mature bladder vs a puppy with an immature bladder who can only hold their urine/feces approximate one hour per each month of age. EXAMPLE: A 3 month old puppy can only be expected to "hold it" 3 hours even if the puppy has mastered the house training routine.

HOUSE BREAKING TIP: Do not free feed your dog (leaving food in the dog dish 24/7). Instead, feed your dog measured portions (according to his weight) twice daily (morning and evening). If the dog does not eat all his food after 30 minutes, remove the food bowl, and do not offer food until the dog's next meal.

AFTER THE DOG IS FINISHED EATING, promptly take the dog outdoors and give the command to eliminate (such as pee pee-poo poo) in a happy excited voice. When the dog eliminates, immediately give the dog lots of positive verbal praise along with a small treat. Most dogs will very quickly learn the house training routine as long as the dog owner is persistant and uses lots of positive reinforcement.

NEVER WIPE A DOG'S NOSE IN IT'S MESS, and NEVER CORRECT A DOG IF YOU HAVE NOT WITNESSED THE DOG IN THE ACT. The dog will not remember his deed after the fact and will not understand why he is being corrected. Most importantly, correcting the dog after the deed is done will only make the dog fearful of you.

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS CATCHING YOUR DOG IN THE ACT OR NOTICING SIGNS THAT YOUR DOG NEEDS TO ELIMINATE, tether the dog to you with a leash while indoors. This will enable you to pick up on the signs, take the dog outside, and give him positive reinforcement for doing the deed outdoors.

TETHERING THE DOG TO YOU WHILE INDOORS WILL ALSO TEACH THE DOG THAT YOU ARE THE LEADER OF THE PACK because in a dog's mind, whoever leads is the leader of the pack. If the dog recognizes you as his/her pack leader, the dog will trust and bond with you more quickly, become accustomed to the activity of the household, training will become easier, and a lifetime of mutual respect and love will more quickly develop between owner and dog!

Adopting a friend

IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW CAN HELP ANY OF THESE SWEET LITTLE ORPHANS, please call the clinic staff as soon as possible at 660-584-2558 (central standard time) or email jan.marie@yahoo.com or higganimalclinic@hotmail.com to make arrangements to meet any of the clinics very deserving orphans in desperate need of a loving home!

THERE IS NO ADOPTION FEE: only the cost for vetting each dog

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Higginsville Animal Control
The Higginsville Missouri Animal Clinic is the impound facility for Higginsville Missouri Animal Control
2400 Highway 13
Higginsville, MO 64037
Phone: 660-584-2558

Email: jan.marie@yahoo.com or higganimalclinic@hotmail.com

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