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Our Featured Pets of the Month is Zion is a beautiful Long haird Ragdoll Siamese of Six months. He is a very sweet loving personable kitty. He loves attention and he loves sitting on laps as well as sleeping with his person. He is one of the most special kitties we have had to date.


Since our shelter became Licensed, we have been able to help find wonderful homes for many kittens and cats in need. If you would like to help us with donations towards kitty litter, kitty food, cages or vet bills please use our email address to contact us as the need is great. All Donations will go for the care of these cats and to help with the ability to rescue as many as we can.


Adopting and animal from a shelter, whether it be a cat or dog can possibly save a life. Just this last week Missouri Bengal Rescue picked up several animals from a shelter that was so over crowded that they would of had no other choice than to put these precious little guys and gals down. Needless to say, had we had more room, we would of taken many more. So, your adoptions not only provide a good home for these unwanted pets, but in turn opens up room for more rescues, thus more saved lives. But with any new pet there is a time of adjustment. This is where the owner must exercise both intelligence and common sense. Here are some tips we hope will help both you and your new family member adjust. br>
NEW ENVIRONMENT: Your new pet is now in a strange new place so it may display some actions it did not do in the past such as pottying in an unwanted area. This does not necessarily mean that you got an animal that is not housebroken, nor does it mean you got an animal that can't be trained. It may be as simple as it does not know where it is allowed to go or that it could not wait, or it could possibly mean that it is just scared. Patience and being consecutive is the key to success here.br>
HOUSE BREAKING TIPS: As mentioned above patience is required and making a schedule will help as well. A puppy will need to use the potty each time it wakes up from a nap, each time it eats, and each time it gets done playing and sometimes maybe a few times in between.br>
Keeping your new puppy in a designated area can help train him/her if you wish to use puppy pads, as well as, if you wish to take it out side after each one of these occasions. But keep in mind, you are dealing with a baby or young animal that may have had no prior training and if it gets used to the pads or being taken outside after naps, eating and playing this can help with this process a great deal. This is where a schedule comes into play. Unlike larger older dogs, little puppies cannot hold it as long.. Their litter bladders and bowels are just not trained or large enough to do that.br>
Some animals catch on very quickly although don't be surprised if there is an accident or two in between their successful tries. While others may take much longer. Again be patient and be consecutive. It can take up to six to nine months with some breeds to completely house train them. br>
CLEANING PRODUCTS: While there is no magic cure for odor removal, there are allot of products on the market that claim to work. Find the product that is right for you. Cleaning up the accident right after it was made will help tremendously and is less likely to leave a stain or odor unlike if left to dry. Be sure to keep these products away from your pet as they can be harmful or even fatal if injested.br>
DISINFECTING: If you have a sick pet it is best to disinfect the areas it has been in to avoid spreading the germs and or virus to other animals in the home. One of the best methods we have found is a, 9 part water to, 1 part bleach solution, mixed in a spray bottle. However, you must, after spraying, thoroughly rinse and dry the area sprayed, because your cat/kitten or puppy will investigate and lick the bleach water and it is toxic.br>
PREPARATION: If you are planning on adopting a pet be prepared. Have its food, kitty supplies, toys, brushes, litter box, kitty litter and sleeping quarters ready before you adopt.br>
You may also wish to consider buying a crate for housing your pet when you are gone, but make sure it is large enough for it to turn around, stand up and lay down with some room. And with cats, be sure you can place a litter box in the crate.br>
Some people believe that it is not far to the animal to confine it to a crate while they are gone, but most canine critters actually feel safer in their crate. It helps in preventing potty accidents and chewed up items from a bored puppy or adult dog as well. Just do not leave him/her in the crate without food or water, and never leave him in there for more than 6-8 hours at a time. You will find that after a time, your friend will even go to his/her crate on his own if the door is left open when you are home. It is also an aid to house training.br>

Who We Are

Missouri Bengal-Siamese Cat Rescue is located in Lincoln Missouri near Truman Lake between Warsaw and Sedalia. We are a medium size rescue that specializes in Bengals, Savannahs and Siamese Cats and an occasional doggy or two who have been unfortunate enough to have the need for our services. Many of our cats have been rescued from breeders, shelters or brought to us by well meaning people who could no longer care for them. Once we receive a cat-kitten, it will go through its initial socialization process as well as its veterinary check. It will be updated on its needed vaccinations as well as any other health issues that need to be addressed. All our cats or kittens will be neutered or spayed before they will be adopted unless they are too young to do so at that time. At times we do rescue small breed dogs as well if necessary. Missouri Bengal Rescue is an independent rescue organization, specializing in Bengal cats, but will work with other purebred cats as identified on our website. We are not part of, or directly affiliated with, the Bengal Rescue Network, their regional groups, affiliates, or other specified individuals shown on their website. We will provide referral to Bengal Rescue Network for those individuals seeking rescue cats outside the Missouri area.

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