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Who We Are

Central Missouri Dachshund Rescue is an independent rescue run by one busy person, Doreen Burrus. "I have had dachshunds all my life and I wanted to give back to the breed for everything all my furkids have given to me. Rescue is a way to do that. I also hold down a full time job and commute to the big city almost daily. As you can see, I have very little time for rescue. That is why I only have one foster dog at a time. Regardless, I can still help you get in contact with someone with more choices for you if need be. I want to thank you for visiting my site, and for considering adopting a needy dachshund or dachshund mix.

Adopting a friend

Rescue gets their dogs from shelters, puppy mill closures or surrenders and from strays and dumped dogs. Our disposable society today feels that they can keep a pet as long as that pet is convenient. When they tire of that pet, they simply surrender it over to a shelter, or take the pet for a ride in the country. Unfortunately, with the current economy, many people are having to surrender their pets because they can no longer afford to care for the dog, or even worse, the pet owner has become homeless as well. There are many reasons to adopt instead of "buy" a dog. First of all, when you adopt you save a life. One less dog has to be put to sleep. That dog is usually mature, or nearing maturity. Some are older, maybe with a medical issue. All deserve a wonderful for-ever home. They deserve unconditional love just as they will return to you. Second, They have each been evaluated by a vet. Medical treatment is administered, including a dental and heartworm treatment if warranted. They are brought current on all of their shots. This rescue will not adopt out a dog that is still intact. So that usually requires a big outlay of expense as well.. The money you pay to adopt is usually much less than if you purchased a dog, spayed/or neutered it, and got it immunized. Frequently, the dogs vet bills are greater than the adoption fee. Thirdly: Each dog is evaluated as to personality and temperament so that you are well aware of any issues your prospective furkid has. The foster mom or dad will try very hard to match the dogs personality/traits with the adoptive family to better ensure that the adoption works and that everyone is happy. Fourth, where else is there. a return policy with animals where the animal's safety is not compromised. When you adopt a dog, you make new friends and have a support group via email. Need answers! If I can't answer your questions, there are many other rescuers that will also be willing to suggest solutions.

What to expect when you apply to adopt a dog!

The adoption process! When I first applied to adopt a rescue dachshund ((just before I fell in love with rescue, and became a rescuer myself) I was shocked with the thoroughness of the process. I honestly thought I would have had an easier time adoptiing a skin kid. Interviews, reference checks, home checks - all for a dog! Yes, OH! Yes! That is all very important to ensure the safety and well being of the dog, which is my first priority. Many of these dogs have gone through a not so good life and have baggage. I try to ensure that the adoptive family is prepared for and can deal with that baggage. (Thankfully, most of that subsides when the dog gains trust again.) I also need to know all I can about what you expect your dog to be like. If you want an active dog, I would not want to place a couch potato with you. There is a purpose for each step of the application process that helps ensure the adoption is successful and that everyone is happy and safe.

Come Visit Us!

I rescue from my home, so there is no "Facility" for you to visit, but if you wish to meet the dog before adopting it, and you live within a reasonable distance, have no fear. I prefer to do the home visit myself, with the dog with me, so everyone has a chance to meet and I have a chance to evaluate the dogs's level of ease with you. That way, when the dog actually comes into your home, he feels more comfortable than if he otherwise would have.
Central Missouri Dachshund Rescue

Warrensburg, MO 64093

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