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We are the Coalition for Animal Rescue and Education. Let’s examine our name, one word at a time.

Coalition – a group of ladies saw with their eyes and their heart; abuse, neglect, and unwanted animals. This coalition of ladies united to form an organization to help the animals and help the owners who were overwhelmed by unwanted litters and not enough money to give proper care to companion animals. All time and labor contributed by this coalition to the mission of rescue and spay/neutering is given freely with no reimbursement. We are compelled to stop some of the irresponsibility of abuse in our communities.

Animal - animals have found a safe place to live out their lives. We have young, mature and seniors that receive daily food, grooming, warmth, water and loving hands to socialize them and turn fear into trust. Most will be adopted after a ‘stay’ with our group. But those that are not adopted will continue to feel the human touch, have food and water and plenty of area for play or just laying in the sun.

Rescue – we save as many animals as we can from kill shelters. Many mornings when we awake we find we have dogs tied to our fence, puppies in card board boxes and kittens in rusty buckets. None are turned away. We help seniors spay/neuter their ‘best friend’ if they do not have the funds. Our supporters provide the funds so we can continue our efforts to save the living and stop the unwanted litters that only contribute to more abuse and neglect. Our volunteers and foster homes give their time and compassion which allows us to rescue another life. All of this effort is for the large and small that only want to a second chance to live.

Education – this is the most important word in our name. To educate the young and old on the importance of spay/neuter. We speak to all groups advising on the good points of spayed and neutered pets. If someone needs financial assistance we can direct them to the right funds or our rescue helps them. We talk to elementary children on the responsibility of adopting a companion. If we can reach the young and educate them on companion care, we can eliminate abuse and neglect. If someone has a question on care, medical procedures, or behavioral problems we try to get the right answers or get the support they need. We have a long way to go but every day brings small victories.

To make our name easier for the public we use the title of C.A.R.E. because we do. Our efforts will continue to treat large and small with compassion and care. We hope you will support us in our goals.


When a lost animal finds our rescue they are a mystery. We know nothing about them, what breed, what family, have they been discarded, and what can they accomplish in the future? But we treat everyone of these homeless lost creatures the same. We try to give them the best.

They receive a touch of kindness and slowly we try to build trust. Most animals that find us have at least been neglected and at the worst, abused. We have the future cut out for us to bring these animals into a world that cares for them. They are allowed to have their own space, someone to hold them and plenty of food, water and warmth.

We spend hours socializing our new family members. Leash and ‘outside’ training requires time and patience. They learn to trust us and know the next meal will be available even if they don’t perform correctly. Their trust and faith of our care allows them to be free and to have fun in the exercise yard. You can watch their personality slowly change from hesitant to ‘lets run and jump just for the fun of it.’ Most of all, we spend time holding them, petting them, and tell them they are good. I’m sure it is much different from some of the words they have heard before they came to us.

After socialization we can hopefully get them adopted in a long term loving home. Each rescue goes through a complete physical, micro chipped, spay or neuter, and current shots according to age and weight. If they have special medical needs that is also provided until they are cured and ready for the ‘right home.’ After a little housetraining, crate, leash and why it is important to go outside, we are ready to let them find the house they can change into a home.

Our adoption contract is not that complicated. But we go through each line to assure the adopter knows their responsibilities and that our care stops when the dog or cat ‘goes home.’ Our adoption fees differ according to the specific companion. And we do say ‘NO’ if we do not believe the adopter will provide a good home. We do follow up on our animals with unannounced visits or phone calls to check on their progress in the new home. We will take the animal back if the match does not work for adopter or rescue. We do not refund the adoption fee. We find that most problems are with the adopter.

We have all types of dogs and cats; every size and shape, purebred and mixed breeds. We call our mixed and mutts the ‘original designer dog.’ I believe most of us grew up with the ‘original designer dog.’ We have dogs for the boys and girls who want a play mate, seniors to sit beside seniors, and dogs that need a job catching balls or catching newspapers.

And we always need the next contribution that is ‘in the mail.’ Donations buy the food, medical care, grooming and anything else that our new family rescues need. We are a 501 c3 which means you give money to us instead of the tax man. You can use a credit card or a check to make our day. Our address is C.A.R.E., P.O. Box 2203, Hillsboro, MO. 63050. Or check out our web site . We are very proud of our web and try to keep it updated, but events are changing faster than we can run. We thank you for reviewing our ‘family of rescues’ and we hope we can help you find the newest member to be added to your family.

Coalition for Animal Rescue Education
PO Box 2203
Hillsboro, MO 63050
Phone: 636-208-6267

Email: Carole Pitzer
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